Shattered Timelines..

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Shattered Timelines..

Post by KK-Afterbrun on Thu May 22, 2014 1:04 am

I recall some time ago coming across someone commenting about the use of the time emeralds and my writer's mind, though focused on my current work, came up with a concept.

What was a point that maked your FCs?

What single point in their life made them the way they are?

Here's what I'm pitching:

A group of bad guys steal the time emeralds and tried to change history where Sonic never came to be the hero that he is now. Unable to do anything, Sonic must leave the task of finding the emeralds to Tails, Knuckles, Amy and others to search for them. To cover more ground faster they split up and, in a series of 1x1x1s, they run into an FC who's force into another timeline with them to find the emeralds and stop the mastermind behind this before Sonic is lost forever.

As an example, Say Knuckles encounters Kay LePue and they find themselves at a point where Kay had found them Duskstone Emerald but avoids the trap. Suddenly Kay sees himself corrupted by the full emerald and starts razing the countryside in complete madness.

With that done, Share your thoughts on the idea.

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