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Sonic Boom Theorys and Updates Empty Sonic Boom Theorys and Updates

Post by CleverFox101 on Mon May 19, 2014 8:08 pm

Ahhh So recently i have been hearing things on the show and as incredibly bored as i a i thought id strike up a conversation :3

Leaked Information Has Confirmed that Marine has A redesign in the Show. I kind of missed her from seeing her once, im actually kind of glad. Maybe she wont be as obnoxious an Loud as she is in Archie Comics XD

Other than that, There have been ideas and theory's going around from a couple You tubers that some of the Archie characters Might be in the Show. THIS IS JUST A THEORY BY RANDOM PEOPLE ON YOUTUBE! They say that some characters, Mostly the freedom fighters like Sally Acorn, Bunny Rabot, And some others got Redesigns and look sonic Boomish.

What do you think Guys? Think they might be in the show? And what do you think of Marine Being in the Show?


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