Rp idea plots~

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Rp idea plots~

Post by CleverFox101 on Mon Apr 28, 2014 3:03 am

Lets Be Friends- ((This Idea is alternate From The actual sonic story)) Takes time as the characters as young Children between the ages of six and Ten, Amy lives In an Orphanage called ARK Institute (its old title) with her friends Sonic Knuckles Tails, and other children( FC's if you like) Mothered By Vanilla Who's own Daughter cream was just a newborn. Vector visits often to take Vanilla Cream and the Other children as Well. One day much To Amy's Surprise A new child arrives to the orphanage, but he's different from most of the children. His eyes look broken and sad aside from his most content expression. She seems to find interest in him and wants to find out why he never smiles our laughs, and finally has the courage to talk to him when everyone else runs away from him. Shadow also wonders why the heck she even follows him in the first place. What was a mystery to him became somewhat of an annoyance from her following him everywhere asking to be his friend when he has told her he doesn't have friends. Will She win his friend ship or beat it out of him with a Piko Hammer?
(VectorXVanilla, And ShadAmy Friendship is involved. FC's aloud but they will show up rarely.)

I am Also Going to Do FCX Cannon Character, But I will do it at random only so its like a lottery. But if we do FC X Cannon I can play Male characters, but in turn you must do the same for me.

Paragraph Writers Only please No script.

PM if interested Please ouo


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