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1. More Than Friends - After Iblis was finally whipped from his world, And Blaze was Gone, Silver couldn't handle her death at all. He had been loathing for months on end, in different worlds trying to keep from killing himself over Blaze's Death. He loved her dearly, yet never had the chance to tell her he wanted to be 'more than a friend'. In late December Shadow find's Silver nearly Dead in the snow, skinnier than when he last was seen and beat up. Shadow took him to his home, repaired his wounds, and when Silver awoke, He told Shadow What happened that day, And Shadow tells him that they both where going to Blaze's Home world to 'pay respects' to her family. When they get there They find Blaze Alive, But she changed Mentally.  She can't remember Silver or anything much of her past, can the two hedgehogs help her find her memory before it's to late? And will Silver ever tell her his feelings?
((Main Couples Silvaze))

2. The Mirrored Image- Shadow has let go of the past so he say's. He has been seeing Amy Rose for many months, and had grown particularly attached to her. His emotions go haywire at times, and other times he just can't stop thinking about her when they're not in the same distance. One particular day, Dark Rose as she calls herself ((Amy from a parallel dimension)) Kidnaps the real Amy and takes her back to her own Denison placing Amy Rose in her place of life, with her king, Dark Shadow((Shadow from a Parnell Dimension)) In this world, Black Doom, and Shadow rule Mobius together, doing what ever as they please. ((In this dimension it's basically the alternate world of what would happen if Shadow really did join black doom)) While stuck in this world Amy finds that not everything is as it Seem's.
Shadow eventually finds out Amy is Not Amy but in fact her parallel form, because in this world the different energy does not support her life span. Shadow gets Ultra pissed and is ready to Kick..... his own Ass? xD
((ShadAmy or just Friendship if you prefer))

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