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Fourth Issue, Vol. II - April 16, 2014 Empty Fourth Issue, Vol. II - April 16, 2014

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Station Square Times
Nuntiantes in nova nuntia referens, singulis hebdomadis!
10 Rings
Issue 4, Vol. 2

Mystic Ruins, Ruined?
Excerpted from message by Forum Administrator Burning-Fox
"A terrorist attack on the Mystic Ruins' train station went underway. The red robot, apparently named Gamma, discovered a potential bomb threat, before suddenly one of Eggman's ships flew above and deployed several robots to attack. This earned the attention of the blue blur who was lounging in a nearby tree. A wolf disarmed the bomb with one swift movement, and set the timer again. The red robot and wolf both fought against the incoming horde of robots, before the hedgehog timed a perfect throw of the bomb, causing the ship above to explode. Attention was immediately placed upon the metallic clone of Sonic, and as the giant ship began to slowly destroy itself above, rubble falling down below, the two fought to the 'death'. The metallic robot was buried underneath the giant rubble of the ship, which destroyed the train station and a large amount of the Mystic Ruins upon hitting the floor. The blue blur escaped with a nasty cut down his left arm and a not so bad slice on his back."

Interview with Quiet Light
Interview by Correspondent Hyro

Hyro: Greetings, readers! This is Hyro, coming to you from Station Square, and today our interviewee is well-reknowned member and editor of Station Square Times, Quiet Light! How are you today?
Light: I'm doing fairly well. Yourself?
Hyro: I'm doing swell. What's it like being the editor of such a popular paper on the forum?
Light: Oh, I don't know if I'd say 'popular''s fun, though. Done for the betterment of the forum and my own journalism skills. I do wish that people commented on it a bit more, which is why I don't know if 'popular' is the right word...
Hyro: Well you certainly can't deny it's getting views. Could it just be that maybe people have nothing to say?
Light: I hope not. Ironically, I have a lot to say, so I usually just hope that they have something to say back.
Hyro: I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Now with the forum comes a lot of activity. It must be hard keeping it up with it all. Do you ever come across difficulties in publishing your paper?
Light: As long as I don't try to stuff more information into a single issue than will fit, it's usually not that bad. The most time I've ever had to put into writing an issue was probably two solid hours, not counting the interview and my own participation in the forum. Occasionally there'll be a technical error that created more work, like incomplete tags or lost information.
Hyro: Do you ever run across the problem of not having enough material for an issue?
Light: Absolutely. In which case I put off writing the headline story or don't have much of one. It's not a plesant place to be. I decided on the transition to an issue every two weeks because more events can happen for news in two weeks than in one.  Also because it was starting to interfere with my ability to focus and not have a concern about a deadline looming so often.
Hyro: That sounds like a brilliant idea. Now on the topic of activity, it seems like activity on the chatbox has spiked lately. However, the forum topics have been somewhat neglected. Do you have any opinions on this?
Light: Having three years of experience as a Chatbox moderator on another Sonic forum that is now gone, I can reasonably say that I'm extremely biased. I like people to use the cBox, partly because it's swift communication and partly because it allows RPs to take place in real-time. On the flip side, however, I also recognize that a chatbox without anything else is not enough to draw people and keep them coming back. We refer to SRN as a 'forum', because it is. I'm also going to disagree with you a bit since I've seen more posts recently than for many weeks before, but I do agree that RP threads are suffering extensively.
Hyro: Some interesting input. Is there anything you believe the forum could improve upon then?
Light: The forum could improve upon its awareness. I've seen and been in many an occasion in which someone needs to be poked to act in an RP or be reminded that they were asked a question. I have my own share of guilt in this, but it's one of the things I see often that bothers me. Some of it is forum limitations - for example, the cBox only shows so many lines at once - and I know that people are busy. But some of it can be helped, too.
Hyro: Yes, I agree the forum limitation can be difficult at times. Well, before we cut this interview off, is there anything you would like to say to the readers?
Light: "What you see is what you get. I'm just a guy who loves adventure!" - Keep it going, all. Never give up, "'Cause if you try, you can do anything!" Do you want any more quotes that I can apply to daily life?  Oh, and not to forget "Hangin' on the edge of tomorrow!" since tomorrow is another day to keep on doing your best and giving it your all.
Hyro: Some good words of advice! Thank you for your time.
Light: Thank you, too!

In an after-interview, updated for transpiring events:

Hyro: The cBox has been updated recently. What would you say are the pros and cons of this new contribution?
Light: The two are very much linked, but I'll try to start with the cons. The new version brings in multiple RP rooms and private messaging, which pull members away from the forum itself (and the forum is much more lasting). However, on the other paw, it helps general activity and it helps bring members together.
Hyro: I think that's a very good point. Now on the topic of the new chatbox, it appears you have been promoted chat moderator. How does that feel?
Light: It feels pretty good. I think I handle responsibility fairly well, based on past experience - in the past I was a cBox moderator for a similar forum for three years and always upheld the law there, as I intend to now.
Hyro: In this new position, do you feel a certain responsibility toward your members?
Light: I absolutely feel responsible. Holding this position means standing in the breach whenever there's a discrepancy with the rules or common sense. Ideally I hold the role of a leader here, a successful leader (in my book) being one who sacrifices himself or herself for others.
Hyro: Interesting. And very noble. It seems like lately there has been a lot more member activity. What are your thoughts on this?
Light: It's been good to see. Has gladdened my heart...although it's a bit tempered when I see that most of it is in PMs.
Hyro: And how about the increasing amount of new members?
Light: It's good to see them and to greet and serve as inquisitor to each and every one who enters my fire ring. The future looks pretty bright.

Image of the Issue

This week, the Emerald Art Gallery has asked the newspaper to feature this portrait by local artist GrudgePygeon 'Shae' - the image appears here, of course, with the author's permission to reproduce it in print.
Fourth Issue, Vol. II - April 16, 2014 Rodger_k__by_grudgepygeon-d790eg3

Shae describes the subject thus:
Rodger, my only character that accepts to bear only one arm, lost during service in the military.  The braces on his knees are to keep him walking, as an accident in his past busted them up pretty badly and he had a hard time walking, but he didn't want to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life so he made and put on these braces so he can walk normally again.

Around the Site in 60 Seconds (or Less!)

This section endeavors to give a quick update on any and all developments in site canon, including official character approvals, Emerald situations, and the development of the central storyline.
Disclaimer: The reader's ability to get through this section in one minute may vary with the amount of information and the reading speed.
Also disclaimer: The editor will use firsthand knowledge of plot whenever possible, but this is not always possible and as such some sections will be much shorter at times.

- Official character listings:  To date, since the previous issue:
- One application was turned down and one is pending.  That's about it.

- Emerald Situations: The rundown looks like this:
The red Emerald is held by Punk the Hedgehog (author Punk the Hedgehog).
The green Emerald is unowned and, as yet, untraced.
The blue Emerald has been held by Sonic the Hedgehog (author Burning-Fox) for quite some time.
The light blue Emerald is unowned, but a largely fruitless search is ongoing at Red Volcano.
The orange Emerald is held by Electrisa the Hedgehog (author Electrisa) and that hasn't changed recently.
The purple Emerald is held by Jayne Granger (author Quiet Light) since recent times.
The silver Emerald is unowned, its signal tracing to Mount Mobius.
The Master Emerald is still in pieces.  Knuckles has retrieved six of the approximately twenty-seven shards.
Expect news on the Sol Emeralds in the semi-near future.

- Site canon:

Sonic fights Robotnik onboard the newest Death Egg - no conclusive results so far.
Knuckles and Blaze continue up the tower, getting closer to the Sol Emerald and the shard of the M.E.
Tails has encountered Metal Sonic while searching for the Chaos Emeralds - chances are that both would very much like to get the next one, or at the very least stop each other.
Life goes on, Mobians meet each other every day, and the cold of winter is finally starting to thaw and give way to spring.  Explorations and expeditions are underway to unfrequented regions.
For present, the plot ends there.

Hyro's Helpful Hints!
"There is always room for improvement." -Hyro.

This column is blank.  We at the paper need to hear from you, the readers!

If you would like your post featured in the next issue, please contact Hyro via forum PM.

Letters to the Editor

None today!  Be sure to write in if you want to know about anything or comment on anything!

Introductions & Birthdays

This section notes any users who have recently entered and written introduction threads since last issue.  There's been a spike and the forum is growing rapidly.
On Saturday, February 15th, we welcomed Ryuzaki Hygaea.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Sunday, February 16th, we welcomed BoltbreakDX.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Monday, February 17th, we welcomed HedgehogRunner10.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Tuesday, February 18th, we welcomed Soulfire2448.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Thursday, February 20th, we welcomed Blades Kecashi.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Sunday, February 23rd, we welcomed Crest Lock.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Friday, February 28th, we welcomed Anarchy Belles.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Thursday, March 6th, we welcomed PeppermintBark.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Friday, March 7th, we re-welcomed Dark the Hedgewolf.  Returning thread can be found here.
On Saturday, March 8th, we welcomed Mecha-tech.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Saturday, March 8th, we welcomed ZeroWolf251.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Monday, March 10th, we welcomed KedaHikari.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Wednesday, March 12th, we welcomed MaddieMercy.  Character/introduction thread can be found here.
On Friday, March 14th, we welcomed HazardPlays.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Saturday, March 15th, we welcomed Woodpatch Chronicles.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Saturday, March 15th, we re-welcomed Katynnzy.  Returning thread can be found here.
On Thursday, March 20th, we welcomed Skylar Ferrix.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Thursday, March 27th, we welcomed Kai.!.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Tuesday, March 25th, we welcomed Oblivion.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Saturday, March 29th, we welcomed Blazingshadows.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Saturday, March 29th, we late-welcomed Arya Moonscythe.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Tuesday, April 1st, we welcomed ButterBladey.  Introduction thread (with filters) can be found here.
On Saturday, April 5th, we welcomed DeltaRouge.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Saturday, April 12th, we welcomed Kabuki.  Apologies and condolences for the mark being on you, but someone had to get the number.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Monday, April 14th, we welcomed Arramos.  Introduction thread can be found here.

There have been a lot of birthdays since last issue.  Well-wishes to all.
Wish them a happy birthday if you see them around!
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Fourth Issue, Vol. II - April 16, 2014 Empty Re: Fourth Issue, Vol. II - April 16, 2014

Post by Caliburn on Sun Apr 20, 2014 6:19 pm

Just a few notes, the site canon is a bit... all over the place at the moment. At least the official character one. FCs are fine, but I'm trying to fix it up so it's not totally all over the shop.

Should probably reset the entire official canon and start from scratch, nothing major's happened with it anyway.

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