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Post by Caliburn on Sat Mar 29, 2014 4:55 pm

Sky Chase
The two famous heroes Sonic and Tails pursued Doctor Robotnik's giant ship, before getting blown out of the sky shortly afterwards.

The land lost in time
The giant monument in the center of the jungle shook violently and opened up, earning the attention of the blue blur himself, and even the treasure hunting echidna beforehand. It closed shortly afterwards.

Final Egg
A giant base suddenly appeared in the middle of the Mystic Ruin, a large bridge leading across to the tower. Sonic followed his arch-nemesis to the base, and destroyed it, beating him in one last fight before the entire place imploded... and one of the doctor's creations got released.

The Tornado 2 crash lands in the jungle
The plane owned by the two tailed sidekick of Sonic the Hedgehog crash landed in the jungle. The pilot was apparently a huge, fat cat. No-one believed it, of course.


Attack on the train station
A terrorist attack on the Mystic Ruins' train station went underway. The red robot, apparently named Gamma, discovered a potential bomb threat, before suddenly one of Eggman's ships flew above and deployed several robots to attack. This earned the attention of the blue blur who was lounging in a nearby tree. A wolf disarmed the bomb with one swift movement, and set the timer again. The red robot and wolf both fought against the incoming horde of robots, before the hedgehog timed a perfect throw of the bomb, causing the ship above to explode. Attention was immediately placed upon the metallic clone of Sonic, and as the giant ship began to slowly destroy itself above, rubble falling down below, the two fought to the 'death'. The metallic robot was burried underneath the giant rubble of the ship, which destroyed the trainstation and a large amount of the Mystic Ruins upon hitting the floor. The blue blur escaped with a nasty cut down his left arm and a not so bad slice on his back.

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