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Post by CleverFox101 on Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:14 am

1. Eggman wants to try an experiment and ask's Shadow and Rouge to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds. They successfully do so. Eggman convinces him that hell be stronger and such, so Shadow age's to be the 'guinea pig' sense he can't die ether way. Eggman successfully turns shadow into a werehog, but he's Farrell, (wild) So he wont remember what happens to him when he awakens from a night of terror. GUN is now after him, tower want's him dead, but Amy finds him injured n try's to help. What will happen?

2. Shadow is a vampire ((OMG SPARKLES TEAM EDWARD *IS SHOT* JUST KIDDING XDD)) Shadow is a vampire, but he's smelled a new scent  he's never smelled before. His enticing blood lust lead's him to Amy Rose. A pink hedgehog that nearly faints at the smell of blood. When Amy is saved from an attack, by Shadow's twin (herp derp Mephy) He takes her to his castle and patches her wound's and suck's out the venom. With a heartless killer on the lose, Shadow will now protect this girl, out of some strange intuition from a past friend of his. Will this dark angle take off the mask, and spread his wings, or will he fail at his new promise to protect this hedgehog? Will these two opposites find love?

Obviously these would go in non cannon zone, but anyone may request to do these plots with me!  I can Play Shadow or Amy depending your preferences on playing gender, comment that you want to do one of these plots and ill PM you with a link to the forum, unless you wish to do this in the PM's.


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