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Post by Uncanny-Illustrator on Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:50 pm

Small graphic things done in the department of the profiles.
Western Zodiac images
Profile Graphic update ZodiacGamzee_zps451a41d0Profile Graphic update ZodiacEridan_zps8e935874Profile Graphic update ZodiacFeferi_zps66e04a67Profile Graphic update ZodiacAradia_zps45f22810Profile Graphic update ZodiacTavros_zpsa386ef83Profile Graphic update ZodiacSollux_zps7115cb37Profile Graphic update ZodiacKarkat_zpsb3241670Profile Graphic update ZodiacNepeta_zps426d6c67Profile Graphic update ZodiacKanaya_zps4741ff98Profile Graphic update ZodiacTerezi_zpsba830aeeProfile Graphic update ZodiacVriska_zpsac325170Profile Graphic update ZodiacEquius_zps24204d26

Eastern Zodiac images
Profile Graphic update ZodiacRat_zpsaf57385eProfile Graphic update ZodiacOx_zpsfca176d5Profile Graphic update ZodiacTiger_zps858cbed1Profile Graphic update ZodiacRabbit_zpsd60f4fbfProfile Graphic update ZodiacDragon_zps5fb9a825Profile Graphic update ZodiacSnake_zpsd4db904cProfile Graphic update ZodiacHorse_zpse10e9860Profile Graphic update ZodiacGoat_zps7a6ddc02Profile Graphic update ZodiacMonkey_zps7c46e43bProfile Graphic update ZodiacRooster_zps241a27d6Profile Graphic update ZodiacDog_zps08052896Profile Graphic update ZodiacPig_zpsfbc54d95

And the gender images got an overhaul including added genders
Since there has been some confusion as to what the labels meant I shall ATTEMPT to explain
Profile Graphic update GendersymbolFeMale_zps9afa8414 - Female : Speaks for itself
Profile Graphic update GendersymbolMale_zpsecb8d972 - Male : Speaks for itself
Profile Graphic update GendersymbolGenderless_zps9906e1fe - Agender/Genderless : People who lack a gender in a sense (They can be physical of any sex)
Profile Graphic update GendersymbolTrans_zps84ea8d1b - Transgender : I believe speaks somewhat for itself
Profile Graphic update GendersymbolNonbinary_zps2b7bc896 - Non-binary : This one actually exists out of multiple genders that overall seem to share a common symbol.
   Non-binary genders can be:
   - Genderqueer
   - Pangender
   - Bi-gender
   - Tri-gender
   - Genderfluid
   - Third-gender/Other gender
   And I am sure I am missing a few on top of that
These genders overall share the trait of being a either a gender outside of the male/female spectrum OR Both at the same time and in some cases with another one next to it

(I hope I explained it correctly. If this is not the case than please contact me by PM so I can correct)

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