Second Issue, Vol. II - January 22nd, 2014

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Second Issue, Vol. II - January 22nd, 2014 Empty Second Issue, Vol. II - January 22nd, 2014

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Station Square Times
Nuntiantes in nova nuntia referens, singulis hebdomadis!

10 Rings
Issue 2, Vol. 2

Updates to the Gathering Fire

Quite recently, the gathering fire - the place where powered and unpowered alike gather for everyday talking, united by knowledge of a world beyond this one - received a massive overhaul by the caretakers.  Now, instead of just one fire ring, several exist for the purpose of conversations between two individuals, or three other main areas for storytelling.  As the area has extended, it has also become more easily accessible - supposedly fire rings, or links to them (the caretakers were vague and hazy about this point) can be found throughout the world.  Another consequence of this increase was the commissioning of another as a fire guardian for while the others sleep (the caretakers named to this post the silver kitsune who is also a newspaper editor in Station Square).  The additions are rather new, and some difficulties are anticipated in the adjustment process.  However, on the whole, the reaction to these changes has been very welcoming and accepting.  If any more major transitions occur, articles will appear in the newspaper.

Export of Artwork from Station Square Spikes

A recent look at the thriving art community in Station Square indicates startling trends.  Within the past two weeks, at least seven prominent artists have revealed their newest works to the world; in addition some of them are completing portraits upon request, one comic-writer is re-releasing his comics, and several of them are working live in front of an audience.  Most, if not all of these artists have asked for others' thoughts and certainly appreciate others appreciating their art.  Directions to the hosting gallery can be found on the slip enclosed in this issue

Interview with Jayne Granger
Interview by Correspondent VorpalVeils, alias Midknight Beast

[Editor's note: Beginning this week, the newspaper will also publish interviews of various Mobians and humans living around Station Square.  These will usually be the special publications released on off-weeks.]

Vorpal: "Hello there, readers. I'm Vorpal and today I am fortunately joined by a lovely young vixen that goes by the name of Jayne Granger, who has very impressively, obtained one the seven Chaos Emeralds. So, how are you, Ms. Granger?"
Jayne giggles and smiles.  "Hiya, Vorpal...and please, Jayne. I'm doing just fine, how about you?"
Vorpal: "I'm good, thank-you for asking, Jayne. So lets get straight to what everyone's wondering, how does it FEEL, to be in the possession of such a rare, and powerful object?"
Jayne: "Powerful. But not in a good way or a bad way, really. I'm going to do my best to make sure it's never used for evil. And actually...I think I can trust you since you work for my brother's newspaper." She pulls out a shining, purple object.
Vorpal: "Powerful you say? Well that's certainly interesting, and wow! If only the readers could see this.  We'll need to get a picture of it included in the article, if you're okay with that of course."
Jayne: "Yeah, it's okay. I wander around a lot, so I don't think it'll be easy to trace to me."
Vorpal: "Okay, I take it you're always on the move? What do you do?"
Jayne: "To take most of someone else's quote and use it as my own..."
Jayne: "What you see is what you get; I'm just a girl who loves adventure!" She grins and crosses her arms.
Vorpal: "Ha, you're quite the character I see. What are your main motivations for this, 'adventure' you love so much?"
Jayne: "'s exciting, and I get to meet new people and see new things! And find things like the Emerald!"
Vorpal: "Ahhh....I see. Do you ever work with other people?  Like, explore with others and work as a team?"
Jayne: "Occasionally. Like in getting this Emerald.  Some things can't be done alone."
Vorpal: "What type of people do you like to work with?"
Jayne: "Friendly people who don't try to compete with me as a leader but are still capable at what they do."
Vorpal: "Do you see yourself as a leader like figure?"
Jayne: "Absolutely. Not many people know this, but kitsune hierarchy is a matriarchy."
Vorpal: "Is it now? Ha, you learn something new every day."
Jayne: "That, and...I've just always kinda been a leader. I'm nice to people, people trust me, and I somehow end up leading them."
Vorpal: "So it's just instinct I take it?"
Jayne: "I guess so, yeah."
Vorpal: "Do you have any regrets about your adventuring? Is it okay to call it a career?"
Jayne: "I'd rather not talk about my early past at the time I became an adventurer. It was a dark time and a dark place. I do regret what part of the darkness was my fault, though...and yes, since I'm part of a group that works to prevent certain kinds of evil, adventuring is technically my job."
Vorpal: "Evil you say? Would you mind sharing said evil?"
Jayne: "The Guardians are a native planetary defense force. A fight continues to this day against non-Mobian interlopers. I'm not going to be too specific, as I don't want to set a controversy ablaze."
Vorpal: "Hmm...I see...Would you mind telling us what your biggest achievement has been, as an adventurer?"
Jayne: "Does it need to be something besides the Emerald?"
Vorpal: "Sure."
Jayne: "My greatest achievement, hm...I think that would be climbing Mt. Mobius without gear."
Vorpal: "WITHOUT gear? Wow, how'd you manage that?"
Jayne grins. "Powers and a thick coat of fur."
Vorpal: "Oh, now there's a subject we haven't covered. What powers do you have? It seems having powers is quite common around these parts."
Jayne: "I'm a light-bender and healer. Some people call it 'paladin', but I think the term just doesn't fit me somehow."
Vorpal: "A light-bender AND a healer? It's not often you find folks with multiple abilities...were you born with it? Or did you train at a temple or something like that?"
Jayne: "It's not so much a 'multiple ability' thing as a 'connected ability' thing. I kinda represent light, and purification, and all that stuff...and as far as I know, it's natural, though I've been training for a long time..."
Vorpal: "How long would you say?"
Jayne: "On the scale of years. I'm not all that old, but I was encouraged to start at an early age."
Vorpal: "Always good to start something, anything, when you're young. Oh well, I think we'll be coming to a close. Any last things you've got to say to the readers?"
Jayne: "Take care, people! Try your hardest, all the time!"
Vorpal: "And with that, we're coming to an end. It was a pleasure having you Ms. Granger, I would love to speak with you again some time, thank-you for joining me."
Jayne: "Hey, thank you too!"

Image of the Week

There are a few TF2 players out there.  Now, there's a huge cast of Sonic characters, so only naturally they'd hire out as mercenaries at some point too.  Or at least there'd be a costume photoshoot.

Second Issue, Vol. II - January 22nd, 2014 Sonic_Team_Fortress_2_by_Toughset
Credit to DA user Toughset.

Around the Site in 60 Seconds (or Less!)

This section endeavors to give a quick update on any and all developments in site canon, including official character approvals, Emerald situations, and the development of the central storyline.
Disclaimer: The reader's ability to get through this section in one minute may vary with the amount of information and the reading speed.
Also disclaimer: The editor will use firsthand knowledge of plot whenever possible, but this is not always possible and as such some sections will be much shorter at times.

- Official character listings:  To date, since the previous issue:
- lady-tragedy has been granted authorship of Tikal (the Echidna).
- KK-Afterbrun has been granted authorship of Coconuts (the Robot).
- Deanthewolf has been granted authorship of Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik.
- Sparknish has been granted authorship of Emerl (the Robot).
- Clash The Hedgehog has been granted authorship of E-102 Gamma.
- CleverFox101 has been granted authorship of Shadow (the Hedgehog).
- DeuxExDimensia has been granted authorship of Miles 'Tails' Prower.
- Two other applications pending.

- Emerald Situations: The weekly rundown looks like this:
The red Emerald is held by Punk the Hedgehog (author Punk the Hedgehog).
The green Emerald is unowned and, as yet, untraced.
The blue Emerald has been held by Sonic the Hedgehog (author Burning-Fox) for quite some time.
The light blue Emerald is unowned, but a largely fruitless search is ongoing at Red Volcano.
The orange Emerald is held by Electrisa the Hedgehog (author Electrisa) and that hasn't changed recently.
The purple Emerald is held by Jayne Granger (author Quiet Light) since finding it with Clash recently under Water Palace and agreeing to hold onto it.
The silver Emerald is unowned, its signal tracing to Mount Mobius.
The Master Emerald was recently shattered again after an encounter between Sonic and Eggman.  Knuckles has retrieved five of the approximately twenty-seven shards.

- Site canon:
Only a few remarks this time.  Shadow has apparently misplaced his iconic green Chaos Emerald (isn't that the fourth one, canonically?) and now no-one knows where it is.  No signals thus far either.
Sonic has kept on running, Tails has kept on building, Knuckles has two more shards of the Master Emerald, Eggman is spreading chaos, and a backed-up Emerl has started off from scratch by becoming a close friend of E-102 Gamma, who apparently has also been given a reboot.
Several seekers search Red Volcano for the light blue Chaos Emerald, but the signal has been jammed and the search isn't leading anywhere.
For present, the plot ends there.

RP Tip of the Week

The tip for this week is to pay attention because a new section is upcoming!
Starting next issue, correspondent Hyro will be taking up the position of columnist.  She'll pick apart an RP post and point out what's good and what can use improvement.
This is where you come in.  We need volunteers who believe that their writing for RPs can use improvement and that Hyro can help by dissecting one of their posts.
We will not use posts without the original writer's permission.  Remember, nothing wrong with asking for help if you think you need it.  We'll see one of you here same time next issue!

Letters to the Editor

Dregan wrote:Just thought I'd make a note that I rather appreciate the presence of these papers here. Been away from the forum for quite some time, and these are actually really useful for trying to get a quick recap/catch-up on things which've changed/been updated whilst away. Kudos to you.

I'm very glad to hear that the newspaper is helping you as such.  Historical record is a large part of the reason that the first SST existed elsewhere, many years ago.  The other main reasons include the spreading of news and the establishment of a consistent cycle within the forum, as well as some lost to time.  Thanks for your thanks and I hope the newspaper continues to be a help!

Introductions & Birthdays

This section notes any users who have recently entered and written introduction threads since last issue.
On Saturday, the 11th, we welcomed Slate the Fox.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Sunday, the 12th, we welcomed Knuxtiger4.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Monday, the 13th, we welcomed Kimmy the Hedgehog.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Friday, the 17th, we re-welcomed Midnight Rush.  Introduction thread can be found here.
On Sunday, the 19th, we welcomed KaraLynx.  Introduction thread can be found here.  Special congratulations to Kara as our 600th member.

This past week, we celebrated the birthdays of Kai the Hedgehog and SkyeTheHedgehog.  This coming week, we'll celebrate the birthdays of JailBait and Quiet Light.
Wish them a happy birthday if you see them around!
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