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Basic Info
| Name |
Katherine Redgrave

| Nicknames |
Kath, The Barbarian King

| Age |
27 (03 October 1986)

| Species |

| Gender |

| Appearance |
Kath, The Barbarian King by Dracojeff

Kath, Original Design by Uncanny

In Nurse Uniform by Strawberry Neko

The King On Her Throne by RJBartrop

Personality Traits
| Likes |
+Working to heal people
+Working out
+A fair variety of sports

| Dislikes |
-Being considered a 'big deal'
-Being given limitations
-A fair amount of technology

| Personality |
Kath is an individual who's personality doesn't quite suit her size - or indeed, her career path. Whilst not exactly timid, Kath lacks a certain sense of confidence about herself, becoming very self-concious when payed too much attention. She's happy to help out and entertain people, but becomes awkward if she feels the attention she's being payed is undue.
Still, she does have her more firey side, holding a bit of a temper at times that can result in some rather extreme levels of fury should she be provoked too much. This can most easily be reached by offending or attacking people close to her, as Kath has a rather defensive personality when it comes to others.
It's worth noting that this more pumped up personality also seems to leak into her persona as 'The Barbarian King'. Despite her normal awkward nature, when it comes time to perform she takes on the full manner of a confident warrior, even displaying a degree of pride when it comes to battling her opponents - which can make it all the more shocking for them to see how humble she is following their matches.

Personal History
From an extremely young age, Kath took a deep interest in sports. As a child, she'd sit and watch football, swimming, baseball, all sorts of things - even sneaking a watch at some boxing and wrestling when her parents weren't around to catch her.
This led to her being a quite adventurous young child - she'd often want to spend time outside running around, hoping to become some form of track star. It was one such time, whilst running down the garden that something rather strange occured.
From the base of a tree - just as the young Katherine was running past it - burst a swarm of bizarre otherworldly bugs and insects. Crawling their way across the helpless young child, they bit and scratched away.
Kieran - Kath's older brother, attempted to come to the rescue, catching the swarms attention and being overcome himself. Despite being covered in the creatures himself, Kieran pulled Kath away, bringing them both to safety as the mass soon pulled itself together and left - or so they thought.
Being checked over at the Hospital, it was soon discovered that the creatures which had attacked them were some form of strange parasites which had embedded their ways into the siblings systems. For Kath, a parasite had found it's way into the back of her head, attaching to the back of her brain. Kieran meanwhile, has one embedded in his lower spine - one which would soon take away his ability to walk.

Feeling a deal of responsibility for the event, and feeling that she owed it to her brother, Kath took her focus off sports and moved on to dedicating her future to medical care - eventually qualifying as a nurse. From there, she has been researching in an attempt to find a way to remove the parasites that are still growing inside herself and her brother.
Still, despite her focus on medicine, she continued to work out and stay in shape, holding a yearning inside to break into the sporting world. This release came when she was spotted out by a talent scout from Honour Thy Ring.

Despite some hesitation to join the wrestling program, wanting to keep her focus on medical study, her boss at the Hospital - and since then, current partner - encouraged her to take part in this seperate interest. Since then, she has been making a name for herself as 'The Barbarian King', gaining some recognition with the public over her talents on TV.
Still, deep down, she considers her primary job to be at the Hospital. And her primary priority - to find a solution to the parasite problem.

Combatitive Traits
| Fighting Style |
Kath's fighting style incorporates both her medical knowledge and competitive background to brutal efficiency. As a primary offense, Kath is trained largely in kickboxing strikes, using both her hands and feet to get off some surprisingly quick attacks off on any who dare face them off.
These moves give her oppurtunity to close in on an opponent and grapple them - from there, she largely works off of the ability to contort her opponents into various positions that their body will most likely not approve of. Applying her background in understanding physiology, she can bend you in just the right ways to make you regret fighting at all.

| Strengths |

+Kath is extremely physically able, being relatively fast and agile, AND extremely strong (Though worth noting not to any supernatural level in any regard)
+Kath has a fair amount of medical training behind her, what with being a nurse
+Kath is very persistent - like, EXTREMELY persistent

| Weaknesses |
-When not performing in some manner, Kath becomes extremely self-concious and easy to fluster
-Working as both a nurse and a wrestler, she has a tendency to be rather busy - and thus rather tired
-Oh, and she has a parasite slowly eating and replacing a portion of her brain

Character Relations
(Though there are more than listed below, currently only listing those which are relevant on RPing on this particular forum)

| Positive Relations |
-Olga Pretenko-
Kath's other half, among many other things. Kath tried to draw Olga out of her rather cold shell at the Hospital they both work at - from there, their relationship grew to be. On top of this relation, Olga is now Kath's boss at the Hospital, and partner in the ring.
-Kieran Redgrave-
Kath's brother, they're close siblings, generally seeing each other at minimum around once a week. At a young age, Kieran lost the ability to use his legs whilst protecting Kath - in an attempt to try and better look after him, Kath took up the duty of a nurse.

| Negative Relations |

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