Special Release: Interview with Lady-Tragedy - Jan. 15, 2014

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Special Release: Interview with Lady-Tragedy - Jan. 15, 2014 Empty Special Release: Interview with Lady-Tragedy - Jan. 15, 2014

Post by Quiet Light on Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:00 pm

As the newspaper has shifted to one issue per two weeks, there is no edition today.  However, we plan to feature interviews on the off-weeks, and soon characters as well as members will be interviewed.

Interview with Lady-Tragedy
Interview by SST Editor Quiet Light

Quiet Light: Greetings, readers. This is Quiet Light, coming to you from the Station Square Times, and today our interviewee is junior administrator Lady-Tragedy. How are you, Lady?
Lady-Tragedy: I'm good, thank you Quiet
Light: As one year rolls into the next, the forum has been a busy place. Since there are several topics to cover, we'll start with the most fundamental: the forum rules. What's different and what can we expect?
Lady: The forum rules have mostly been rewritten to make things clearer, some rules where already there but hard to interpret. There is no misreading them now. Also we added some character creation rules that should tone down the common pet-peeve of having fan characters that are canon characters gf's or family members etc. Finally, the rule of having one canon character per person has been changed. Everyone is allowed to have 1 major canon character and up to 3 minor characters
Light: All right. On the matter of canon characters, as well, I understand that a list exists for easier reading?
Lady: Yes, Uncanny-Illustrator and Myself have been through lists of canon characters, making a selection for people to pick from. Of course, not all characters are on there as just Archie has over 600 characters, but if we're missing a character you might want to play you can contact Uncanny or myself and we'll add that character.
Light: Yourself and Uncanny, the two new administrators...you two are in charge of maintenance, I believe that's how it was written?
Lady: Yes we're in charge of maintenance, so you'll mostly find us making sure the forum stays organized ​ if you need something deleted or moved we're the ones you need. Don't make any mistake though, if there is no other admin around and someone breaks the rules Uncanny or Myself WILL act. But if there are other admins online we'll leave it to them to deal with. We also maintain the character lists ​
Light: In your opinion...can forum members expect to have at least one staff member to talk to at any given time?
Lady: Probably, given how often Uncanny stays up late. There might be a gap of 3 or 4 hours where there's no admin supervision. But generally Uncanny is likely to be the last admin to leave and I'm the first admin to get on.
Light: Good to know. So, rules, characters, staff...what else is new as we enter a new year?
Lady: Well there's a few new areas such as an area where you can post fanmade factions and such ​ and a new section with guides and tutorials of all sorts
Light: What sorts of things are you expecting, as you place these new areas?
Lady: Well they're already placed. But I expect them to be used since we found them to be needed in the first place. People where posting these things in places they really shouldn't be to begin with.
Light: Ah, all right. And as expectations go - what are yours for the future of SRN?
Lady: I think the site will continue to grow, for better or for worse. But as long as we all do our best to make SRN a thriving and friendly community I don't see us derailing and crashing.
Light: Good to hear. What is the body of members doing now that it could do better?
Lady: Try to watch yourself, don't make insults even if its as a joke and try following the rules. Seriously, a good community starts with you. So treat others like you want to be treated
Light: Any parting words for all as we close?
Lady: Hmm not really? I'm all out of inspirational quotes o3o;;; er... Logic takes you from A to B, Imagination take you over the Rainbow of farts to the magical land of pink fluffy unicorns?
Light: Okay, then! Thanks for sharing your time with us.
Lady: You're welcome.
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