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History of the Lost Hex Empty History of the Lost Hex

Post by DeuxExDimensia on Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:37 pm

I have been given permission by Burn to write a history for the Deadly Six canon to this site, anybody who controls any of the six are to go by this canon.

Back before the Lost Hex was known as the Lost Hex, It used to be a planet flourishing in the same solar system as Mobius. It wasn’t too far off, not far off enough to not be hurled into Mobius’ atmosphere anyhow. On this planet, a species known as Zeti lived. The Zeti were a naturally aggressive species, though genes dictated that some Zeti were more aggressive than others. Individual Zeti constantly looked for fights to fill their need for aggression. It was their violence that made them fierce predators that basically ruled the planet. They were the only known intelligent life on the planet.

Their aggression was often kept in check from the constant small skirmishes the individual Zeti would have with each other. They lived in a single tribe, that tribe lead by a leader that often held his position for life. It was a monarchy of sorts; the position would be passed down to the tribe leader’s children when he died and so on and so forth. However, when the current tribe leader had died, a small group of Zeti found his son unqualified to have control of the tribe. They tried to overthrow the new tribe leader but ultimately failed.

                Separated, the small group of Zeti fled to the hidden caves of the planet and lived there for many generations. The larger group had the benefit of having a larger amount of land. Generations passed, and the cave Zeti evolved differently from the more diverse surface Zeti. It was sometime after this that the rest of the Deadly Six were born, starting with Zavok. Eventually, the cave Zeti became sick of their home and returned to the surface only to be treated like dirt, and to find the tribe leader completely disagreeable. Angered to their breaking point, they raised soldiers up and attacked the surface Zeti. The first attack had been successful on their part, as they caught the surface Zeti completely off guard. Outraged at this attack, the surface Zeti turned their aggression to the cave Zeti and war broke out. The powers of the Zeti, their natural power to manipulate magnetic fields, clashed. This had many negative side effects for the planet. It slowly broke apart.

                Zik had lead a few troops while the war was going on, hence his knowledge of fighting. He was quite the soldier in his day, winning many battles for the surface Zeti and driving the cave Zeti back from which they came. The cave Zeti were on their last legs, they could not take another attack but they simply would not have it any other way then their way. The cave Zeti gathered all of their troops to defend their turf as the surface Zeti marched into their home. The clash between the powers of these Zeti was so powerful that it hurled the planet into Mobius’ atmosphere, causing both armies to retreat at the sudden and devastating event. A lot of the Hex had broken up upon entering Mobius’ atmosphere, causing many of the surface Zeti to be lost. Zik and some of his troops were able to retreat to a safe haven, but a lot of the Zeti were not able to stand entering the atmosphere ended up burning to death. Less than half of the Hex had survived the fall, but the powers of the remaining Zeti were able to keep it in place.

                Zavok had survived the event, mainly because of his affinity with Fire. He did not come out of it unscathed, neither did most Zeti. Very few surface Zeti remained, it is assumed that most of the members of the Deadly Six parent’s died in this event, including Zavok’s. The young Zeti was left with no one to take care of him. Eventually, Zik had stumbled upon him and decided to take him in with the few Zeti he lived with. At this point it was a free for all, not only was it bad for a child to be out in the open but Zik had seen much potential in this child. Zik made Zavok his student, and taught him all he knew from his days as a soldier. Zavok became a powerful fighter training through Zik, and came to respect him greatly for protecting him and teaching him. The situation was getting dire, however, and Zik’s old comrades and even began taking things from him.

                Zik took Zavok and fled to a slightly safer place. It was around Windy Hill that Zik found a group of four younger Zeti that were barely scraping by in the conditions they lived in. What had happened had made them cold and angry at the world. They each had their own quirks to them, perhaps gained through the hardships they went through. The yellow Zeti, Zomom, had become obsessed with the thought of food and eating due to having been without a proper meal for a while. The purple and grey Zeti, Zor, had been reduced to moping around due to not having recovered from the loss of his friends and family. The green Zeti, Zeena, had become obsessed with the thought of herself due to not knowing when it might be her time. The pink Zeti, Zazz, had simply lost his mind, not able to comprehend the event that had taken place. They all retained their aggressiveness as normal Zeti have. Zik and Zavok took them all in and formed a group. Zik soon retired his position to his student, Zavok, and Zavok became the leader of the group. They formed this group to help them survive initially. Over time they grew to accept each other as comrades.

                They became known as the Deadly Six to the other Zeti, who were forced to hide away due to their rule over the Lost Hex. They were in charge of the place as far as they were concerned. It was a few years after this that Eggman had discovered the Lost Hex in Mobius’ atmosphere and took it for himself, using his Cacophonic Conch to take control of the Deadly Six and make them do his bidding. The events of Sonic Lost World take place about a year after this.
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