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Character Biography

Alkira - the bigoted bat Pay_no_attentionn_by_seashellby-d6xuy3d

Name: Alkira
Name Meaning: "the sky"
Nicknames: Al, Alk
Gender: Female
Species: Spectacled Fruit Bat
Age: 22
Date Of Birth: August 13th
Birth Place: Mystic Ruins
Current Residence: Mystic Ruins

Social Status:

Friends: n/a
Rivals: n/a
Enemies: n/a
Marital Status: single
Crush: n/a
Parents: Gulara (mother), Ulanji (father)
Siblings: (half sisters) Arana, Mereki (half brothers) Kaseko, Arkunkulta, Ponti
Other Family Members: Kiros (uncle), Najara (nephew)


Weapons: n/a
Element: n/a
Armor: n/a
Forms: n/a (may or may not receive any in the future)

Strategic Summary: Alkira tends to avoid any physical conflict, often fleeing out of reach at the first sign of danger with the use of her wings. However, if an altercation is unavoidable, she will generally use her large wings to slap and batter her foe in an attempt to disorientate or even scratch . She usually refrains from biting and doesn't consider it very lady-like, but isn't afraid to resort to it if the situation is dire.

Signature Attack: Sonar Screech
Attack Attributes: A typical attack for a bat, though mostly used for defense. A piercing screech that sends a sharp pain through the skulls of those who hear it. Can cause temporary damage to hearing and vertigo.

Special Attacks and Effects

  • The Ancestor's Shield

    • Effect - This is not something that can be activated by Alkira at will. In fact, it's not Alkira's doing at all. Around her neck, she carries with her a small totem - a tjurunga -  that belongs to both her and her people. The tjurunga's purpose is not only to ensure the protection of the wearer, but also the people to whom the totem belongs. One of the tjurunga's effects is the Ancestor's Shield. When Alkira is truly in danger, the totem envelopes her in a sort of bubble - a shield of weak energy that can be pretty easily broken through. The point of the shield is not to protect her for long periods of time, but rather to help ensure her safety by keeping attackers at bay while she has the chance to flee. This effect only activates when Alkira has the totem on her person, and the totem can only be used for a short amount of time before it needs to 'recharge' itself. The shield can last only a few minutes, unless it's broken through by force. Once either the allotted time has passed or the shield has been broken, it can take several hours before the totem gets its energy back.

  • The Ancestor's Mending

    • Effect - When rubbed over a wound, the totem can be used to close or heal wounds. This effect can only be used by Alkira when she's in possession of the totem, and only for as long as it has energy within it before it needs to recharge again. Like the shield, the totem requires several hours to recharge after using this effect.

  • The Ancestor's Jinx

    • Effect - If Alkira is without her totem for a long period of time, she gradually grows lethargic and languid. Eventually, she would fall into a comatose state and likely die shortly after. This effect can take a couple of days to a week, depending on her overall health.

Acute hearing allows her to tune into her surroundings easily to detect for enemies or eavesdrop.

Being a bat, she is easily disabled by loud or sharp noises and bright lights.


Extremely xenophobic and prejudice, Alkira doesn't treat other mobians too kindly if they aren't bats as well (with the exception of very few others, whom she has found a special patience for). She can be hot-headed and deceitful to get what she wants or out of unfavorable situations, and has a bad case of 'big bark, no bite'. Being unable to fight for the most part, Alkira hides behind others and appears innocent when need be. However, she can be incredibly protective of those she trusts and cares for, has a strong will, and is very vigilant.

While she initially lacks any inkling of trust or kindness toward non-bat mobians, she's quick to try to befriend any mobians that are bats, desperate to attain some amount of the normalcy she once knew by being able to interact with them. 

Born in a bat colony nestled deep into the morass of jungle that is the Mystic Ruins, Alkira was left in the care of her uncle [the colony's leader] at a young age by her barely capable father. A kind soul, her uncle raised her single-handedly as if she was his own, doting over her and smothering the young bat with pseudo paternal affection.
As Alkira grew older, her uncle's position of power and a rather spoiled upbringing made her into an unruly child, who felt free to make mistakes and break rules because they did not apply to her.
Eventually, the young bat built up enough courage to leave the safety of the colony grounds, a great taboo to her people. She explored the expanse of the Mystic Ruins with such little caution that it was a mere miracle that she didn't find peril for herself. Each new journey brought her a little farther from her home. Upon discovering the reason for his adopted child's repeated disappearances, Alkira's uncle, in fear that she would hurt herself or worse, kept her under strict watch so that she would not stray from the colony again.
Trapped in the treetops with the other bats, Alkira grew into a more mannerly young adult, one who would serve in her uncle's place in time. But with the invasions of strange creatures such as humans and GUN, the jungle they had once known became gradually alien. Trees and other plant life became stripped from the Earth and bases erected in their places, man-made paths littered lines in the dirt, and wild life began to dissipate. And then, the worst of it came. Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. Compared to the damage of his metal creations, GUN had done little but left nicks in the flesh of the trees. 
With these monsters closing in on their homes, panic pulsed within the colony, gradually growing into a pestiferous throbbing. Bats began to flee the colony grounds, fearing their homes and way of life would be lost soon anyway. Still others remained persistently, knowing nothing else but their lives in the colony. And then it happened, the ripping of roots from soil, the fire to parch the great monstrous trees, the destruction brought on by some unknown assailant.
In the mass hysteria, Alkira became separated from her Uncle and the rest of her people. With her brain cluttered with terror, the bat fled from the jungle and when her mind had cleared, found that she had returned to the flatland of the Mystic Ruin that she would sneak to as a child.

Severed from both her family and her previous way of life, Alkira still resides in the jungle, searching for any hints as to where her colony had gone, even at times going as far as urban areas in search of hints.

Extra Information:

  • As English is not her native language, she cannot read or write.
  • Alkira has a thick, almost unintelligible accent that can make her hard to understand sometimes. When she gets angry, she often switches back to her native language both unintentionally and intentionally. She sometimes does the latter to confuse people or when she's in trouble, to appear more innocent.
  • Alkira almost always refers to other mobians by their species name if they are not bat mobians, even if she knows their actual name. She only uses the names of people she is close with.
  • Alkira carries her tjurunga with her at all times, and would willingly risk her life to protect it. As to the significance of the totem, she will not disclose to others besides the fact that it is important to her people.

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