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Running the Rum: Malahat Empty Running the Rum: Malahat

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- Malahat Westland

- Male

Bibron's Gecko/Prairie Racerunner mix.

- 30

Date Of Birth:
- Oct. 31

Birth Place:
- A Traveling Circus

Current Residence:
- A Backwoods Hideout at an undisclosed location

Social Status:

- Clairence Knawer, Moonshiners 

- Other Rum Runners, Underworld Thugs

- Any one in his way.

Marital Status:
- Single

- Unknown. (Died in a fire)

Abilites/Skills: Fire eater/breather, Clings to walls and celings, Springy tail, agile.

- Torches which he uses as clubs, a deck of cards, and Malatov Cocktails made from Moonshine

- Fire

- None

- Normal

- Juggling and some card tricks

- Can spring jump on his tail, can stick to walls and celings, being a trained circus performer makes him agile, Can eat fire based attacks to either heal himself a little bit or spit a fireball at an opponent, Always seems to have both torches and moonshine.

- Barely able to take a few hit, Can't fight more then one opponent and tends to freak out.


With Strangers:
nonchalant and shallow (If they are a buyer), Nervous and skittish (If they are a cop), Flirtatious (with the ladies)

With Rivals:
- Quick to anger

With Enemies:
- Quick to anger, then skittish and cowardly.


- Fire

- N/A

- Juggling, playing card games, climbing, running illegal booze.


- N/A

- N/A

- Law Enforcement, Big cities, Getting slapped, Being chased, Lie detectors, Card sharks, Being surrounded, Not getting payed, and Being forced to talk.

Theme Songs:

Main Theme:
It's Too Easy Mañana - ZZ Top

Battle Theme:
- Nitro Court - Crash Team Racing

Victory Theme:
- N/A

Defeated Theme:
- N/A

Malahat was born in a cuircus where his perents worked as sideshow acts. His father was a sword swollower and his mother was a fire eater. They knew that at his young age, Malahat was going to become the best of both of them. Malahat showed that he could just about any fire that came near him and didn't seemed fazed by it. However the cuircus they worked at had a dark side. The ringleader, as the cuircus traveled from town to town, was smuggling home brewed Moonshine to make some extra cash. He took the young Malahat and taught him the art of smuggling the illegal booze without Malahat's parents knowing it. Malahat ran the Moonshine while he wasn't training to perform.

One day, when he was ten, Malahat came back after a rum run when he saw cops at the cuircus. There had been a fire that killed many of the acts, including his parents. It seemed the ringleader's still had burst into flames and burnt the cuircus down. The ringleader had surrvived and was being questioned by police. When he saw Malahat, he accused Malahat and his parents of doing rum running while posing as cuircus acts. The police managed to grab Malahat as he tried to protest and was sent to a juvenile detention center for eight years. Malahat could not beleive that this had happened to him. After three years, Malahat saw an artical in a paper that the ringleader had been arrested by police for rum running in a dry county.

This was the day he met Clairence, a fifteen year old beaver who was chaught rigging a card game in a casino that was robbed. The two felt that they were both used by their employers and soon became friends. Clairence taught Malahat some card trick to pass the time and Malahat became started to enjoy gambling. He also learned how to spot cheaters and after a few loses to Clairence, he started to notice all of his tricks that he would use to cheat. A week later, Malahat was released under the fact that he was innocent. However, Malahat had a hard time trying to find a job that would take him. It all seemed hopeless when he was approched by a small group of Moonshiners.

They wanted him to run Moonshine for them and they told him that they give him a place to stay if he was willing. At first, Malahat wasn't willing to do so, but the group told him that it was them who stopped the crooked ringleader. The claimed that the ringleader burnt down the cuircus to cover his tracks and killed the other acts who knew about his dealings. Malahat still didn't wish to help but he felt intimidated by the group. Reluctently he agreed. The following year, Malahat was on a run in a big city when police found him and chased him down into scrap yard. As he tried to flee, Malahat's tail got caught when one of the piles of scrap metal slid down one of the piles.

Malahat felt an emence amount of pain as the police took his moonshine and removed the junk off. Malahat had two five inch steel spikes punch into his tail and he was rushed to a prison hospital. The doctors found that the spike could not be removed safely without causing an infection. Malahat waited three days in the hospital before make a run for it durring the night. Without food, however, he could not make it that far. He lit a torch and ate the fire to at least make his body think that he had eaten something. To his surprise, the pain in his tail had stopped. He rushed back to where the moonshiners were and found that they had been taken away and their place wreaked.

But the place they had given him was well hidden and was still standing. Malahat understood that this was the life he had to live to survive. As years passed, he hooked up with other moonshiners and continued to run moonshine while using his cuircus training as a cover. He also managed to convince store owners that he was selling them legal liqure. Police often caught Malahat with moonshine, however, Malahat was able to convince them that he needed it for his fire breathing act. Most places let that go. But in the big city, Malahat found himself behind bars on quiet a few occasions because they near bought it or that he was concidered a risk to the public. Malahat always hated when he was told to make a run into the big city because of this.

His gambling habits also got him into trouble. When he accused a casino owner of cheating, he was arrested for attacking the owner when he did nothing. Malahat was relised because of a lack of evidence and the following night, he tossed a Molitov Cocktail into the owners casino, burning it down. On several occasions, Malahat tried to flirt with some women only to get slapped by them. This hurt him alot and the few who didn't slap him, he stood them up after he made plans with them. Now adays, Malahat still does rum running, at the expence of those who cross him.

Life is Moot.
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