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[center]Character Biography
The Winged Thief, Hënë <a href=The Winged Thief, Hënë Hana_d10" />

- Cordelia Sborion

- Hënë, The 'Winged' Thief

- Female

- Manul (Pallas's Cat)

- 21

Date Of Birth:
- 27 April

Birth Place:
- ???

Current Residence:
- Sylvania Castle Zone (Current Hideout)

Social Status:

Cresent Scar (Mentor) [Refered to as Capt. by her]

- Other Thieves/Pirates

- G.U.N.

Marital Status:
- Single

- n/a


- Bethany Sborion (Mother) - Died at child birth
- Linus the Egyptian Condor (Father) Rapped mother - missing/presumed dead

- Jessica Carbuncle (Half Sister) Her mother was raped by Linus.

Other Family Members:
- none

Abilites/Skills: Highly Agile, Trained swordswoman.

- Fangspeir - a sword with a jagged edge, a bone hilt and a skull hilt guard covered in a thin yellow liquid that makes the skin rash where it cuts and can absorb both fire and electrical attacks to a certen extent.

- Shadow/Water

- Wears a cloak when traveling on land that makes her look like a bigger target.

- n/a

Other: Lockpicking, Sailing, Gliding

- Skilled with a sword, Able to evade most attacks that would noramaly never miss.

- Not accustomed to fighting hand to hand, Struggles to combat well underground, Rather look for a way out.


Spin Slash: Hënë can charge up a spin that she uses to slash opponents she runs into or to keep them at bay.

Parry Swipe: Hënë will block an attack with the side of her sword and rolled behind her opponent to slash them.

Slash'n'Dash: Hënë will dash passed an opponent and slash them at the same time.

Glint Slash: Hënë will reflect light into her opponent's eye, blinding them for a moment allowing her to get a free hit.

Rash Scar: Small cuts made by Fangspeir leave a burning rash because of the yellow liquid on the blade.

Burn Blocker: If Hënë uses her sword to block a fire attack, The blade lights up and acts like a fire sword.

Wave Burner: Hënë slashs an arc infront of her that sends a wave of fire towards her opponent. However, the sword stops burning at this point.

Volt Guard: Same as Burn Blocker except that it is for electrical attacks.

Zap Trust: When charged with electricity, Hënë Trusts her sword towards an opponent and sends a beam of electricty towards them at high speeds. It's power is base on how much electricity is absorbed.

Spin Saw: Hënë summersaults over her opponent slashing as she goes.

Rigging Boot: Hënë kicks an opponent when swinging from a vine or from a rope. Normally done when fighting on a ship.

Planker: Obligitory Nut Shot with a loose floor board or ship's plank.

Face Planter: Hënë dropkicks an opponent on the top of their skull, planting their face into the ground.

Cliff Diver Charge: Hënë will tackle her opponent off a cliff and push them away before deploying her ornithopter.

Wall Runner: Hënë will run up a curved wall to escape pursuers.

Cloak Toss: If she is wearing a cloak, Hënë will toss it at an opponent in an attempt to flee a fight.


With Strangers:

With Family:

With Friends:

With Rivals:

With Enemies:


- Bagels with Hazelnut spread.

- Spruce Beer

- Being at sea, The seaside, Gliding around, evenings, the 'klink' of cash.


- Corn

- n/a

Other: G.U.N., other thieves/pirates, being underground, mornings, ghosts, any mentioning of her father.

Theme Songs:

Main Theme: (She Has Two)
- Cordelia - The Tragically Hip
- Rolling In The Depth Of Hydrocity - Adele/Sonic 3 mash-up

Battle Theme:
- A Tougher Fight (Boss Battle) - River City Ransom (Rock Remix)

Victory Theme:
- n/a

Defeated Theme:
- n/a

When she was born, Cordelia's mother, Bethany, had died durring her labor. Sent to be raised at the Home For The Forgotten. Living her childhood at the orphanage, Cordelia didn't know much about her perents and could not get along with anyone at the orphanage. At Twelve, Cordelia was called into the head mistress's office for breaking a curfew rule.

As she entered, Cordelia found that the head misstress had something other then her curfew to talk to her about. The head misstress show her some paper work that pretained to her mother Bethany. She was one of five women that were rape by an Egyption Condor named Linus. Though her mother survived the attack, the next three had died from the brutality of the event.

The fifth victem had managed to survive by pure chance and was the one who helped to put Linus behind bars. Close to two years after he had raped her mother. She showed her an artical in the paper that was showing him being released from prison. The head misstress was worried that if Cordelia's existance was know to him, that he might seek her out and harm her.

This sent a cold chill down her spine. Only a few days later was the orphanage attack by a pair of thugs working for Linus, Mezek and Grief. They nabbed her and under Linus's direction, tossed her into a mineshaft and sealed the enterance. Cold, hurt and scared for her life, Cordelia cried for help, but no one could hear her. It seemed that she would die within the caves.

It seemed like days had gone by when Cordelia saw a light from a lantern shine in her face. The figure holding it was a badger with a face filled with scars. Cordelia feinted at the sight of the badger. When she awoke, she was outside the mine and on a boat with the badger. The badger told her she was lucky he found her as she would not have survived long in that mine.

Cordelia asked for the name of her rescuer and he replied that his name was Cresent Scar. Cresent told her that he was a pirate till his crew tossed him off his old ship. However due to his age, Cresent felt that he could never return to his old ways. Cordelia explained what had happen for her to end up in the mine and Cresent was taken aback by it.

Seeing that she had no home of her own, Cresent took Cordelia in and started to train her in the fine art of being a pirate. At first, Cordelia could not handle the aspect of navigation and thought it would be better just to give up. Cresent was not going to let her get away with it and forced the issue. As this went on, Cordelia started to refure to Cresent as Captain.

With a sword in hand, Cordelia seemed to be a natural at blocking many attacks and countering with her own. Once she had both navigation and sword play down to a tee, Cresent, taught her the art of stealing without notice. Cordelia became very adepthed to noticing such traits and reacted promptly towards them. After five and a half years of training, Cresent told her she was ready.

It was then Cordelia started to call herself Hënë. One of the first places she broke into was a storehouse owned by G.U.N.. While taking a few things she came across a strange folding wing pack and used it to escape when G.U.N. soilders caught on. After giving G.U.N. the slip, she returned to Cresent with some of the goods. Impressed with her ablities, Cresent told her to follow him.

He lead her to an old chest that he had stashed long ago. He told her that if she could open it, she could have whatever was inside. Hënë, using some lockpick, managed to open the chest and found a jagged sword with a bone hilt and skull hiltguard inside. Cresent told her that he had swipped the sword in his early days and stashed it here to make sure no one could ever take it.

Hënë took the sword and it seemed to feel right at home in her hands. Cresent taughted her that this sword, called Fangspeir, could absorb small amounts of fire and/or electrical attacks that can be used against whomever attacked with it. Hënë gave a pirate's salute to Cresent before she went off for another purpose.

Two days after turning eighteen, Hënë found another artical about Linus. The last victem, Florence McMeow, called police about reciving a death threat from Linus. Curious about this, Hënë checked on Miss McMeow and saw a young bobcat walk out of the home were the woman lived. Hënë confronted the Miss McMeow and asked about Linus.

The woman was frightened at first, but calmed down when her husbin showed up. They explained that if it wasn't for Lynx, her spouse, She would have died at Linus's hands. The Hënë asked about the bobcat she saw leaving and Miss McMeow said it was her daghter. It took a moment before Hënë asked why she said her daghter and not their daghter. Lynx told her that she was the resault of the rape.

Hënë was stunned as this girl, who she now knew as Jessica, was her half sister from Linus. However when they asked her about Linus, Hënë told them her aunt was a victem of him as well. Hënë quickly said her good byes and quickly rushed off in hopes of finding Linus and putting him down for good.

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