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- Jessica Carbuncle

- Jess

- Female

- Bobcat

- 19

Date Of Birth:
- Feb 19th

Birth Place:
- Snowbound Bog Zone

Current Residence:
- Station Square

Social Status:

- Joshua Wyvern, Julie Margret Longtail (Jewels)

Joshua Wyvern, Julie Margret Longtail (Jewels)

- Kale Komet, Lars Aberg, Esper, Womanisers, Chauvinists

Marital Status:
- Single

- Strong Characters (Not one in paticulare)

- None

- Lynx Carbuncle (Step-Father, 52), Florance McMeow(Mother)

- None

Other Family Members:
- None

Abilites/Skills: Her strength and Agility

- Flash Bombs (defenceive only)

- Neutral

- n/a

- n/a

- Trained Florest

- A Focused fighter, Hard hitting attacks

- Tends to flirt with physiclly strong characters, Goes baserk when called cute.

Personalities: Happy Go-Lucky when at work, Ruff and Tumble out and about.

With Strangers:
- Generally nice.

With Family:
- Well Behaved

With Friends:
- Happy Go-Lucky

With Rivals:
- Very competitive

With Enemies:
- Very aggresive.



- Cream Soda

- Gem Cut Flowers, Flirting(To a certen extent), Showing up the boys.


- n/a

- n/a

- Being called Cute, Sexist Comments, Womanisers

Theme Songs:

Main Theme:
- This Is Me - Skye Sweetnam

Battle Theme:
- I Sing - Dynamite Heddy

Victory Theme:
- n/a

Defeated Theme:
- n/a

Born Jessica Carbuncle, Jess spent her early life as daddy's little princess; happy out-going and cheerfuly full of bliss. Then one day at the age of 12, after coming home early from school, Jessica overheard her mother Florance talking to her Father Lynx. Jessica found out that Lynx was not her Father and her mother was a victem of Rape. Her life was shattered, and Jessica was not sure what to do. Jess started to rebel against her perents, going from princess to tomboy vowwing never to be a victem like her mother. Before that day lots of people called her cute and she enjoyed the attention, but not she dispized the word and started to get into alot of trouble.

Florance, horrified at her daughters change, tried despretly to get Jess back to the way she was before, But Jess would not listen. The at 15, Lynx pulled Jess aside, he had found out that Jess had over heard them years before, and told Jess "When life throws up a road block you can do three things; You can run from it, you can go around it, or you can go through it. what ever you chose, you'll know it's right." Jess took this to heart and moved out to Staion Square. She got a part-time job at a herble remady shop and lerned the art of making herbal medicine. It was then, one afternoon, Jess heard about a group called the Station Square Fight Club, an Underground fight group that was looking for new members to join them.

Jess went to try and join but they, at first, refused, because she was a Girl. Jess challanged one of them to at least give her a shot. Though her she was skilled, Jess was losing badly until her opponent made the mistack of calling her cute. Jess lost it and perceded beat the living snot out of her opponent. In the end, Jess was accepted into the group as her opponent was carried off in a strecher. Later Jess was give a Beuautiful Gem-Cut Rose. It became her most prized posestion and she bring it to work every day when she was not fighting that night.

The day after she turned 18, however, It went missing. Jess was devisated and went to find it. She ran into Kale Komet, who was boasting to others that he had sold a Beautiful Gem-Cut Rose he'd found to a dealer in Westopolis. Enraged, Jess confronted him about it, but Kale snidly refused where he got the rose. After Thretning him with pain, Kale Bluntly and Stubbernly rebuffs her, then insulted her. Jess losses it and attack Kale, beatting him to mulch, before storming off to Westopolis. When she arrived at Westopolis, she found the dealer who had bought her rose. But the dealer had recut the Gem-Cut rose to inset Rings and Broachs. Heartbroken and Enraged, Jess Stormed out of the shop only to collide into Joshua Wyvern.

Thinking he attacked her, Jess Attacked him. But to her surprise, Joshua, not only dodged her attacks, but didn't even fight back. Joshua knew this was just a misunderstanding and when Jess finaly clamed down enough he walked away. Jess fell to her knees and cried about lossing her Gem-Cut rose. But then something caught her eye, A Gem-Cut Tulip. Where it came from was a mistery to her, but Jess could not help but feal happy. When Jess was leaving Westopolis, She once again ran into Joshua. Joshua was impressed with her fighting skills and Challanged her to a match on the outskirts of town. Jess accepted and they battled each other. After an hour long fight the two were Exausted but realized that they were evenly matched.

Joshua gave Jess an open invitation that the next time she was to pass through Westopolis, to come challange him again. Jess gave him the same invite if was ever at Station Square. The next Day, while at work, one of guys in the Cafe was slacking off and trying to hit on Jess. After many attempts to get him to go back to work, Jess stormed outside to tell her Boss. The guy already had lots of complaints and the Boss called him outside. At that point, Jess saw Julie Longtail, who was asking to her boss for a job. The Boss fired the guy and hired Jewels on the spot. Jess and Jewels became fast friends but Jess didn't know how she'd react if she Found out about S.S.F.C., so Jess keeped it hidden from her.

Then one night, Jess was told by one of the organizers that she would be fighting a gator from Westopolis going by the name Lars. Jess heard the name once before but never knew what she was in for. With the odd against her she entered the ring with Lars, who claimed that girls can't fight. When the match began, Lars proved to be the stronger of the two. Jess was losing badly when Lars made the mistake of calling her cute. Jess lost it and nearly broke the ring in half in rage. She grabbed Lars and bashed him around like a club and pummled him into the floor before tossing him into South west wall where a target had shown up. When she calmed down she was called the victor. But when she got out of the ring she saw Jewels at ringside.

Jess couldn't beleive she was there and felt ashamed for not telling her, but Jewels, to her surprise said it wasn't an issue. Jess turned her back for a moment and heard Jewels scolding Lars as if she knew him. Jess turned to see Lars Grabbing Jewels by the tail with an intent to hurt her and rush to help her friend. She tried to kick him but Lars grabbed her by the ankle and pushed her over. Jess Looked up to see Jewels Heel Kick then Spray Lars in the face with Viniger like it was pepper spray. Just as she was getting up, one of the Organizers started to talk with Jewels. Then two young Camomistle came to cheer on Jewels who joined the S.S.F.C..

The next day, Jess confronted Jewels about Lars and Jewels told her that she knew Lars and was once 'his girl'. However he was a bully and a thug and that she was getting less pay because she was with him lot. She fled Westopolis to get away from him and his gang. Jess now understood the situation and told Jewels not to worry any more. Jess told Jewels that she'd give her some pointers of how to fight in the ring, but added that if they were to fight they were rivals.Nowadays, Jess is well known on the Fighting curcit around Station Square and some of it has gone to her head. Jess tends to flirt with strong opponents, however if one Sexist comment is
mentioned, Jess will stop Flirting and fight. And if Cute is mentioned Jess will really go Balistic, as a few bystandards found out the hard way. A few of them getting a beatdown for trying to calm her down. When she and Jewels fight together as a team the are called Petal & Thorn for Jewels's cute nature and Jess's temper. Whenever her opponent tries to cheat, Jess is ready with a supply of Flash Bombs to even the score and when she's not fighting, Jess still work at the herble remady shop, Giving Smiles to all.

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