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- Fisker Rust-Tail

- Finkrat

- Male

- Flying Squirrel/Marsh Rice Rat Hybrid

- 16

Date Of Birth:
- Dec 15th

Birth Place:
- Mucklands

Current Residence:
- Jungle Zone

Social Status: 

- Max Shadowsong

- None as of yet.

- Anyone who wants to distroy his home

Marital Status:
- Single

- None

- None

- Macchi Rust-Tail (Father, 45 MIA), Alica Rust-Tail(Mother, Died giving brith)

- N/A

Other Family Members:
- N/A

Abilites/Skills: Gliding, Swimming, Diving, Climbing, Close Quarter Combat.

- Contraficium (A pair of Kamas with runes allover)

- Water

- N/A

- Normal

-Holding his breath for long periods of time.

- Swims at speeds of 39 Knots

- Inaccurate at ranged attack, Short glide range, Unable to fight under water, Easily Awed by fancy moves.

Personalities: Childish, Impish, Hyper active, Sometimes timid.

With Strangers:
- Impish

With Family:
- Childish and Hyper Active

With Friends:
Childish and Hyper Active

With Rivals:
- N/A

With Enemies:
- Childish and Somewhat Timid


- Cheese

- Water

- Seeing how long other can hold their breath, Rain, Trees.


- Stew

- Nothing

- Being called Finkrat, Pollotion, Distruction.

Theme Songs:

Main Theme:
- Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabrial

Battle Theme:
- N/A

Victory Theme:
- N/A

Defeated Theme:
- N/A

Fisker Rust-tail had always live happily with his father, Macchi. His mother Alica had died giving brith to him. Fisker was an only child living in the Mucklands, a Swampy region of what could be called South Island in Blaze's dimention. Many kids often teased him because of his odd looks and called him Finkrat. This hurt Fisker badly and his father tried many things to show him that he could do things that the other kids could never do. One of Fisker's loves was swimming. No one on the island could hold a candle to him when swimming was the order of the day. Fisker easily out swam everyone and he could hold his breath longer then most. Then one day, at the age of Eight, Fisker saw his father looking at a box that his father told him was never to be opened. When he noticed him, Macchi becond Fisker to join him and told him that the box contains something old and priceless. To his surprise, Macchi opened the box to reveil a set of Kamas. Macchi told him that these were called the Contraficium, weapons pasted down from his father for three generations. Fisker was awestrucked by them and his father said that he could have them under one condition; He mustn't use them for harm. But Fisker was hard-headed and asked his father to train him with them. At first, Macchi refused to do so, but after three long years of begging, he reluctenly agreed. Fisker had a hard time trying to understand how to use the weapons, taking an aganizing two and a half years to learn. But it was just as well. Soon afterwards Dr. Eggman Nega attacked the island with a new prototype weapon in his latest attemped to capture a Sol Emerald. Eggman Nega fired his new weapon in hopes of distroing the island. Fisker saw the energy blast heading for his home and tried to block the blast with the Contraficium. Fisker was knocked out cold by the force of the impact and when he awoke he found himself on what looked to be a different Island. He quickly dicovered that he was not, but yet everything was different. He had no idea that he had been transported to a different dimention. Where his home in the Mucklands had stood, all Fisker could see was a peaceful Jungle. Clean, calm water and tall healthy trees. Fisker was awesrucked for a time, but the thoughts of what happened to his father haunted him. He decided to explore the island and found the ruins of a village in Green Hill Zone. Fearful of what he saw, Fisker fled back into the jungle and hid there. As time passed, Fisker grew acustom to his new home. After another year had passed, he began to learn that the Contraficium had the power to absorb magical attacks and send them back out as a wave of energy. Fisker rarely leaves South Island for he does not wish to leave his home.

Life is Moot.
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