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[center]Character Biography


Kale Komet

Badlands Bandit

- Male

- Coyotie

- 25

Date Of Birth:
- Oct 04

Birth Place:
- Rustfang Village

Current Residence:
- Badlands

Social Status: Anti-Social with most.

- Maxus Primus, Zetra Blackfang

- N/A

- Any Tresspasser, Esper, Chikanere the Void

Marital Status:
- Single

- None

- None

- Disowned/Decised

- Only Child

Other Family Members:
- Unknown

Abilites/Skills: Digging at high speed, double jump, speed dash.

- Combat Knife on a wire (Lashknife), Sharpened metal boomerang.

- Earth

- None

- None

- Digging, handling sharp object without getting cut, Using a Lashknife, quick learner, surviving harsh conditions with very little.

- Tires easily, Not very strong, Cowardly (in the view of others).  

Personalities: Irritable, Spiteful, Untrusting, Hateful, Somewhat vengful, Bitter.

With Strangers:
- Spiteful and Untrusting.

With Family:
- Hateful

With Friends:
- Bitter but trusting

With Rivals:
- N/A

With Enemies:
- Hateful, Spiteful, and Vengful


- Whatever he can get.

- Cactus Juice

- Being Alone


- None

- Water

- Anyone who is better off then him.

Theme Songs:

Main Theme:
- Life's Twisted - Lynard Skynard

Battle Theme:
- Race 1 - Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan

Victory Theme:
- N/A

Defeated Theme:
- N/A

Born in Dusty Dunes Zone, Kale was always a bit of a trouble maker. At four, Kale was disowned by his perents after a 'prank' nearly backfired badly and he was banished from his village as punishment. Kale was bitter but didn't understand why this was happening to him. Alone in the Badlands Kale wondered around, struggling to survive. He started to hate others who were better off then he was.

To try and keep what little he had left, Kale scavanged for what ever he could. Of the few things he found in the Badlands, Kale found and kept an old Combat Knife and some strong wire. As time went on, Kale went from an abandoned kid to a spiteful teen. He combined the knife with the wire and started to attack those who pass through the Badlands. Kale wasn't after money but food and cloth. He started to beleive that matirial wealth was the root of all that was wrong with his life.

Then at 15, Kale was chaugt by some of Dr. Eggman's lackies. They tried to roboticize Kale with a portable roboticizer. Kale struggle to escape the machine and droped his Knife/Wire into it. The machine Exploded and nearly kill Kale in the process. Kale, though weak, tried to see what had happened. Kale saw his Feet had been roboticized and felt his tail was broken. The robots and the machine were distroyed. His knife and wire, however, though it didn't look like it, had become stronger. This Near death expirence scared Kale for life.

Kale had always hated water and now that his feet were roboticized, he now had, what he'd thought, was a good excuse not to go anywhere near the stuff. Then one day, on a whim, Kale dicided to see what a city was like. When he arrived at Station Square, the noise and husle and busle got on his nerves. All he could see were people who were better off then him. Kale thought to himself that that no one needed this kind of stuff. He quickly spotted a Gem-Cut Rose in a flower shop and swipped it when no one was looking.

Unsure what to do with it, Kale saw a sign for a jeweler in Westopolis and hopped a train there and sold it for a small sum. He Returned to Station Square to see what else he could find when he ran into some of his former villager. Surprised to see Kale still around, they told him that he needs to leave. Kale, somewhat annoied by this Boasted about a Gem-Cut Rose he'd found. He was confronted by the owner of that rose pretty quickly, Jessica Carbuncle. She demanded where he'd found the rose, but Kale refused to tell her. To Kale, she was just a girl. But when she threatend him, Kale rebuffed her and called her a bimbo.

Kale got his tail handed to him badly. Battered and brused, Kale felled to back to the Badlands. The fact that a girl had beaten him made him wonder how he'd continued to survive. Two months after the beating, Kale ambushed a pair crossing the Badlands; A Mantis and a Loon. However the Loon batted him aside without seemingly moving. The loon look at Kale and asked him if he needed some help.

Kale was surprised by this because no one had ever asked him if he needed help. But Kale told the Loon that he didn't need no help from no one and attacked again. But Kale was knocked aside again. Out of nowhere the Loon pulled out a gun and told the Mantis to 'tinker' with Kale's feet. At first Kale didn't want these two to get near but the Loon fired a shot quite close to his head and Kale had no choice. As the Mantis worked, at first it tickled but then it became very painful. After twenty minites, the Mantis was done and steped back. The Loon lowered the gun and told the Mantis to give Kale a spiked Armlet.

Kale was confused at this as the Mantis put the Armlet around his right arm. Then the Loon told Kale that it was a shame that he had such a slim chance to live that she could only give something to boost his chances. The pair left Kale, who was confused. Kale tried to remove the Armlet but it had somehow shrunk to a size that made it imposible to remove it without amputation. Kale then checked his feet and saw that the Mantis had added some Boosters.

Kale tried them out and found them to be very useful, but the armlet still bothered him. Then a thought came to him. Maybe he could find a large Granite Stone that he could use to break it off. So Kale started to dig and quickly found one, but something wasn't right. Kale suddenly realised that he had twelve foot deep hole in under five minites without breaking a sweat. Kale was always abit of a slow digger and what ever that Mantis and Loon did to him seemed to make him faster.

Kale soon found himself looking for a limit for his new abilities. The booster tired him quickly but not when he had a power ring, which he'd discard afterwards. His digging was only slowed when he ever encountered hard rocks. Now Kale was impressed but then he wondered who that Loon was. The next person he ambushed, Kale asked them about her. His victems told him that she was Chnique, an artist with no know place of her own. Rather then take stuff from these victems, Kale let them go, he'd got what he needed. 

At 22, Kale saw someone was building something in the Badlands. He keeped watch for some days before it was complete. Kale moved in for a closer look and saw some robots that looked like the one that had caught him a few years back. Then he saw something that made his heart sunk. The robots were escorting a large amount of people in chains into the building, and some of them were from the village that banished him long before. Kale watched them as they entered and with no one looking, he slipped into the building.

To his horror, the people he saw were lined up to be roboticized. Kale, hidding behind a machine looked on as one by one they entered the tube only to emerge as a robot. Kale still hated his fromer village for banishing him but he could not let them suffer the same fate he nearly had. Then Kale noticed a loose panel on the machine he was hidding behind and opened it. All the wires Kale saw were the same colour but two. He took the two wires and switch them about in hopes of stopping the machine.

The next victem was roboticized but as it was to emerge, the new robot exploded. The people who weren't roboticized tried to escape but their captors shut the door. Unluckly, one of the robots spotted Kale and manage to grab him. Though damaged, the roboticizer was still working and Kale was the next to be roboticized. The villagers could not belive that Kale was still around but they couldn't do anything for him.

Suddenly a strange Green monster appired in the building and started to wreak the place, freeing the people as it went. However Kale was traped in the roboticizer and one of the robots tried to start it. Kale struggled to escape his predicament went the green thing broke the container that he was in. durring his escape, Kale cut his hands. Kale got out of the building in a hurry but stopped short of the fence. The Badlands were his home and this place was on his turf. So Kale dug underground and made a large cavern beneith the place.

Seeing the foundations of it Kale undermined it and fleed to the surface. When he got topside he saw in the distance what looked like a Loon surrounded by robots. One of these robot had a hostage and the Loon looked like it was giving up. Kale dug himself underground and charged towards the robot with the hostage, but was unsure if he could really do anything or if he was in the right spot. Kale burst through the ground between the robot and it's hostage and knocked it's head off with an uppercut.

The Loon sezied the opening to change shape into the green monster from the Building and wreak the other robots. When it turned back to a Loon, Kale reconised her. It was Chnique. Kale was about to tell her to get lost when the hostage gave her thanks, calling her the Green Fury. When the hostage left Kale told Chnique to get out of his turf. Chnique said alright and thanked him for the help.

When she was gone, Kale started to walk the other way when he saw his former villagers coming to him. They thanked Kale for risking his life for them and asked if he'd come back. Kale told them that the Badlands are his home now and that they made the disision long age to get rid of him. He refused and told them to go home and leave him alone. 

Shortly after turnning 23, Kale was taken to a place called the Mirror Moon by a girl named Esper. When given a chance to leave, Kale decided to stay. He soon met the other Guardians: Graviton the Hedgehog, Terrador C. Bellator, Zexal Shadowsong, Maxus Primus, Fisker Rust-tail and, much to his dismay, Jessica Carbuncle. Kale had a nagging fealing about his disision. Most disliked him, Gravton was always getting on his nerves and Jessica would only look for him when she needed a punching bag. The Only exception to this was Maxus, who seemed to pity for him.

Kale started to help Maxus work on his aim with stone rings and, for the first time in his rotten life, was making a friend. Kale wandered about the Many Zones and, one day, found an old worn diary in Jessica's Zone. When she caught him in her zone, Kale quickly asked if it was her's. When she said that it wasn't Kale quickly made his exit and returned to his own Zone. There he read the diary, with an intent to burn it later, and made a shocking discovery. The diary belonged to his ancester, Arado Rustfang, and it told of the secrets of the Mirror Moon. Kale soon realised that Esper was a Demon bent on distroing the planet.

He also found a pendent with a glass flower petal inside the diary. Unsure what to do, Kale for some junk and fashioned a make shift radio to call for help. To his surprise he got an anwser from Dr. Eggman. He tolded him about the Mirror Moon's weapon and made a deal with Eggman, He'll take over the Mirror Moon for Kale's safe passage off. When Dr. Eggman arrived, Kale with the help of Mecha and Silver Sonic quickly captured Graviton. Kale swiped his Gyro Emerald and his peice of the Deralem Core. He quickly returned to his own zone and was getting ready to flee when Metal Sonic, Posing as Graviton ambushed him.

Kale was tossed into an Eggcell and was being carted off when he was rescued by Sonic the Hedgehog. However, Kale mistankly thought it was still Graviton and attacked only to be stoped by Nack the Weasel. After a quick fight and short chase, they caught Kale and he told them a lie. After Sonic chased off Coconuts, They returned to the Central Matrix where he gave the pendent to Jessica. Later, Kale asked Esper to speak to Sonic and Nack when they were looking for Maxus and told them that he stashed a Stone Ring under Nack's hat. But he knew that when they found the Real Graviton, he'd be exposed.

So when they got to Gravity Glaicire Zone, Kale sent a signal to Eggman and grabbed the Deralem Core durring the confusion. After some tuanting in the Egg-Base Epsilon, Kale escaped from Sonic and Nack with the help of Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts. When he tried to Leave, Eggman sent Metal Sonic to kill him and Kale was knocked out cold. When he came to, Nack was there and Kale told him the truth. Nack didn't belive him but let him go when Kale gave him the Diary and the Gyro emerald. He got to the control chamber just as Eggman was banished into a dark portal.

Kale told Sonic the truth just before Esper Banished him back to the planet, wipping out his memory of the events. After turnning 25, Kale found an artical about a fighting tournament, hosted by a Madam Mystar and on a lark decided to apply. To his surprise, he got in. At first he wished he hadn't until he was visted by Mayor Strumber, the maor of the village that exiled him. The Mayor purposed that he should stay in the compatition and just direct his opponents and vistiers to the village so they would not tresspass on Kale's turf and the other villagers would never enter his turf again if he won.

Kale reluctenly agreed before kicking the mayor out. When the day came to fight, Kale saw his opponent was Maxus Primus. However due to the fact that his memory was erased, Kale nor Maxus reconised each other. But Kale felt that Maxus was inpart responsible for what had happen two years prior, making him angry. The night before the combat, Jacklin Strumber, the Mayor's daughter, was holding a show at Brackwater Lake and came to speak with Kale. Kale furiously blew her off and stormed off to spend the night in peace. The following morning, Kale faught hard but was no match for Maxus, being beaten handdedly.

After a few weeks, Kale recived word from Madam Mystar to come to a dark castle as Maxus had defeated all comers and was the victor. Kale didn't want to go but was dragged there by Jacklin, who refused to let Kale sit this out. There, Kale suddenly had a nasty fealling that something wasn't right when Madam Mystar opened a portal and told Maxus that he had one last opponent left to face to claim the Fallen Star Relic. As hours passed with no word, Kale started to wonder if he was wrong. Then like a surge, the lost memories of what had happened two years prior returned to him.

Kale Suddenly realised that Madam Mystar was Esper and that this was a trap. He cried for everyone to escape, but the doors sealed themselves before anyone could move. Unable to open the doors by any means, Kale grabbed a Bomb from one of the other fighters and tossed it into the portal. The backlash from the explosion caused the portal to start to suck everone towards it. As they all hung on for dear life, Jacky suddenly got dragged back towards the opening but manage to grab something near it. Kale saw that this was his fault and decided that his time had come and he charged towards the portal.

To the others, Kale looked as though he was trying to save Jacky, but she quickly realised what he was doing and let go to save Kale. The portal shut after Jacky entered it and Kale crashed into the wall behind it. Kale was distraught and when the doors opened, he left without saying a word to the others. He sulked on his turf for three days before Maxus came to vist him. After the chat, Kale went back to what he always did for the next three months. Then one day, Kale saw smoke rising from Rustfang Village and went to investigate. To his horror, the village was in ruins and bodies of the villagers were everwhere.

The first thought that came to him was to flee, because he thought that he would be blamed. Then he noticed a trail of blood leading out of the village and followed it. He found his former father, barely alive with a massive wound in is chest. He told Kale that a woman who looked like Jacky, named Chikanere, had come to the village about a month prior. She suddenly started killing people and razed the village to the ground an hour before Kale arrived. With one convolsion, Kale watch the man die in his arms and to see such carnage made him anger far more then anything else that ever happened to him.

Kale had remaind in the Badlands to be a constant reminder to the village of their mistake and now they were all dead. Only one name came to his mind, this Chikanere, it could be no one else but the demon Esper. For Kale, this was now personal. He took the Grey fingerless Gloves off the body, ripped off the hand wrappings, put on the gloves and returned to the Village. He found some articals of clothing and put them on, discarding his old Ash coloured Ascot for a Brown Scarf that was given to him when he was very young. He also found a metal boomerang that someone had sharpend to blade like dynamics.

He took the Boomerang, then when he emerged from the ruins, he vowed to find her and kill Esper one and for all. But something chaught his eyes. A swirl of sandy mist that appired form out of nowhere. As he watched a form of a Ghostly female Demon Cat emreged from the sands. Kale quickly readied his knife when it spoke to him. The demon asked if this was where Kale's ancester Arado came from with a tone of sadness. She called herself Zetra and Kale quickly realised that this was Esper's deciced sister. She begged Kale to put an end to Esper as it was she who killed the other demons of the Demon's Moon when Daltyn killed Arado.

Kale demanded evidence for her claim. She opened her hands and droped a purple mint leaf pendent saying she gave it to Arado before they tried to distroy the Demon's Moon. Kale suddenly recconised it similer style to  the one the Jacky had worn the last time he saw her. Zetra told Kale that her love to Arado was true and she was willing to kill herself for him. She told Kale that Arado was setting the F.O.U.L.L.O.R.D. to kill all the others but her then distroy the moon when Daltyn walked in on them. Daltyn killed him outright and in a rage, Zetra herself activated the F.O.U.L.L.O.R.D. before it was set to ignore her.

Kale could not and did not wish to believe this, but Zetra told him not all demons were truely evil as long as they had someone to show them the way. Kale remembered that he knew of Zexal Shadowsong and Maxus Primus both being Demons. He understood what Zetra was saying and told her that he'd believe her, for now. As she dissapired before him, Kale picked up the pendent, the name Chikanere and the words from Zetra still echoing in his head. A wave of Vengance filled him as he rushed off to find the demon and put an end to this once and for all.

As he passed a skeleton that poked out of the sands of Dusty Dunes Zone, Zetra appired before him once more. She asked him to place the pendent on the skeleton. Kale demanded why, but Zetra said that he would understand. Very leary about what he was doing, Kale placed the pendent on the bones and there was a green flash. Dazed for a moment, Kale suddenly saw the skeleton had come back to life. There was another flash and skin had appired on it showing that it was a leapard wearing rages. Kale didn't know what to do as it looked at itself. Then when it spoke Kale understood what had happend. He had revived Zetra.

Zetra told Kale that he needed help to fight her sister and begged him to let her aide him. Kale subbernly refused, saying that it was his fight. Zetra told Kale that she understood and only wanted to make sure that he was able to reach her. Kale told her to get lost and started to walk away, but Zetra had jumped infront of him and told him that she wouldn't take no for an answer. With extreme reluctance, Kale begrudgingly agreed under the condition she'd at least get some newer clothing. Zetra was happy that he accepted, but Kale still had his doughts.

Life is Moot.
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