Fifth Issue - October 30, 2013

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Fifth Issue - October 30, 2013 Empty Fifth Issue - October 30, 2013

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Station Square Times
Nuntiantes in nova nuntia referens, singulis hebdomadis!
10 Rings
Issue 5, Vol. 1

The Adventure Continues - In Pairs

The surrounding area of Mobius is already known for very colorful, sometimes powerful individuals.  They get together occasionally, as friends, as rivals, as enemies.  Recently, though, many of them have disappeared outright from everyday life.  Are they leaving? 
Not permanently.  They're going on the adventure that is life, usually with a single companion.  The spike in these two-person journeys stands out from the historic group adventures or get-togethers.  So far, what details are known about the adventures or misadventures indicate that they do contain the same range of events, from radical mundanity to just the outer reaches of time and space.  The SST will track the trends and report on any further fluctuations.

Vulpine Tempests Brewing

Although Station Square stands taller than before, the famed transportation hub and other nearby cities have cause for concern.  The black-furred kitsune who is best known as Cyril still wanders around and reports of his disruption are isolated.  This has led to concern from some that he's building up to something or in the process of plotting.
The agitation has only been augmented recently with the reappearance of a red fox called Savage.  He has had a reputation as a joker and often as an agent of chaos.  The world watches and waits, preparing a bit more after seeing these two.  If anything blows up we'll be the first to report it.

Interview with Cyril Wer Kaldra
Interview by SST Editor Quiet Light

Quiet Light: Greetings, readers. This is Quiet Light, coming to you from the Station Square Times, and today our interviewee is long-time SRN kitsune Cyril Wer Kaldra. How are you, Cyril?
Cyril Wer Kaldra : I'm reasonably ok.
Light: I suppose that that's better than not ok.  You seem to have a reputation as destructive. Any comment?
Cyril: What can I say. It makes for quite the interesting reactions.
Light: So finding out how people react to you is your main motivation?
Cyril: Partly.
Light: And the other parts are?
Cyril: Partly because it's how I am. And partly because I find this world boring as hell and as such try to stir things up a bit.
Light: Very you suppose that the world will ever become more interesting to you through the efforts of others?
Cyril: I'm not sure what you mean. Care to elaborate?
Light: You said that you found the world you think that it will always fall to you to make it more interesting, or will other people pick up that job? Or do they already?
Cyril: While I hope that others will pick it up as well most are more busy with trying to stop me doing what I do best.
Light: Which is causing the destruction in the first place?
Cyril: I suppose so.
Light: You sound unsure. Is there a better way to put it?
Cyril: Not that I can think of.
Light: All, still on the topic of chaos, we've seen our acquaintance Savage show up again. Any thoughts on his reappearance?
Cyril: Not really. I haven't spoken that much with him yet. So can't form an opinion just yet.
Light: What past experience do you have with him, on SRN and elsewhere?
Cyril: I find him pretty funny at times. Sometimes he gets very annoying though.
Light: Is he liable to cause more disruption than you?
Cyril: That is perfectly possible.
Light: Hm. Well, do you have any plans to attack cities soon or would you not tell me if you did?
Cyril: I might go to Central city to stir up things there. Since Station Square is pretty much done for anyway now.
Light: Good to know about some safety, if only for the paper's sake.  Do you have any advice for the forum as a whole?.
Cyril: Yes, Be more active in the chatbox, have fun. and be nice to others. BurningFox has done his best to give us all this awesome forum and it would be a shame if it had to be taken down due to inactivity. Of course, without Scythe we wouldn't have this forum in the first place but Burn has played a large role in making it into what it is now.
Light: Sounds good. Any closing words from you?.
Cyril: Not that I can think of.
Light: All right, then. Thanks for participating!
Cyril: No problem at all.

Image of the Week

Maybe it's post-Generations.  Whatever the occasion, it's birthday time again.  But things don't go so well when Classic brings a Mushroom Hill themed cake from his time and second dimension.
Fifth Issue - October 30, 2013 Classic_vs_modern_sonic___cake_by_angus-d4bhjwt
Credit to DeviantArt user Angus.

RP Tip of the Week

"Why put off to tomorrow what you can do today?  What I mean is, if you have an idea for a character or a story, talk to people about it and try to get it moving."
- Anonymous

Letters to the Editor

No letters this week, but I wish to extend apologies about an error in the previous issue.  The Halloween RP does not begin at five minutes to midnight but several hours earlier.  Five minutes to midnight is instead when the RP starts getting exciting and when the main part of plot ends.
- Jaye

Feel free to contact the editor, whose information can be found at the bottom of the sheet.  Post here, or send a message in if you prefer to remain anonymous.


This section notes any users who have recently entered and written introduction threads within the past week.

On Tuesday, October 22nd, we re-welcomed CyanAqua.  Intro thread can be found here.

Also, this past week we celebrated the birthday of Slade22082; and this coming week, we'll celebrate the birthdays of adventuretimefreak, Hypno's Lullaby, Melk, Shadow8, Sonic.EXE, SurgainTheHedgehog, and xX_Anguish_Xx.  Wish them a happy birthday if you see them around!

Have ideas for the RP tip or the weekly picture, or an anonymous letter?  Send the editor a message!
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