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Fourth Issue - October 16, 2013 Empty Fourth Issue - October 16, 2013

Post by Quiet Light on Wed Oct 16, 2013 6:01 pm

Station Square Times
Nuntiantes in nova nuntia referens, singulis hebdomadis!
10 Rings
Issue 4, Vol. 1

"Five Minutes to Midnight"

The Halloween roleplay mentioned last week has begun, collecting a fair amount of attention with twelve members participating.  It got off to an exciting start this past Sunday, at five minutes to midnight in-RP.  Several recognizable characters are around in this particular timeline and conflict is expected to rapidly ensue.  From what the RPers know, midnight will cause costume chaos, character melding with assumed disguise.  Expect more information if anything very notable happens.

Station Square Reconstruction Complete

Station Square is considered completed again!  This past week the final rubble was moved away and the last of the buildings were reopened, authorities attributing much of the help in the speedy reconstruction to the City of Independence a few districts southwest.  The city now stands possibly more glorious than before - though concerns have quietly been raised that the city, as a nexus of many powerful citizens, may be razed again.  Only time will tell.  For now, the police system has been revised to attempt to prevent such violent conflict.  More developments as they occur.

Interview with Hyro
Interview by SST Editor Quiet Light

Quiet Light: Greetings, readers. This is Quiet Light, coming to you from the Station Square Times, and today our interviewee is long-time SRN member Hyro. How are you, Hyro?
Hyro: Lovely. Yourself?
Light: Pretty well. So you're the driving force behind the Halloween RP?
Hyro: Well, I can't take all the credit. As the roleplay topic mentions, the roleplay is based around a roleplay someone else came up with on one of my old forums. I really liked it, but it never picked up and died fairly quick. Being a huge fan of the holiday Halloween, I figured it was only natural that I bring the old, roleplay back to life.
Light: You're well-involved in the festival?
Hyro: Festival? Could you clarify?
Light: Festival, holiday, etc. All Hallows' Eve.
Hyro: I would say so, yes. I watch my horror movies, visit haunted houses, and I certainly plan to scare and indulge in candy when the night of Halloween hits
Light: Any plans for the RP that you're willing to reveal?
Hyro: Well, I believe that's why I was so willing to host this plot. Unlike most plots, the roleplay is mostly lead by its joiners. Once the bell rings at midnight, it's up to the roleplayers to reveal what happens. Not the roleplay's host. I'm just as in the dark as everyone else.
Light: Ah, all right. I do recall hearing that you're establishing a posting order around your posts, though.
Hyro: Yes, the posting order is explained in the first post, which is already up. It's not your typical order, either. The way it's set up will help keep the roleplay active so it doesn't collect dust and become forgotten.
Light: Although you're in the dark about the roleplay's you expect anything particular?
Hyro: Well I do plan on two things. One, I will be ticking down the hours until midnight as I post. So there will be time for fun and games. The other thing I expect is complete chaos once the transformations begin. Not every character is required to dress up, which means some characters will have to survive the night. It's going to be an interesting one, alright.
Light: I believe it. Do you have any thoughts on the other major RP, spearheaded by Burn, which hasn't begun quite yet?
Hyro: The plots are interesting. I think it's neat how Burn divided them all by interest and made a plot for everyone of every kind. I'm excited for it to start. I refuse to be the first to post though, haha.
Light: Heh. Okay, before we wrap up, any advice to the forum on what we could do better?
Hyro: Forum roleplays are fun! We all need to get more involved with them. It seems like the cbox has been nothing but roleplay, roleplay, roleplay lately. It'd be nice to have a legitimate CHAT in the CHATbox every once in a while.
Light: Sound words. Any final words as we finish?
Hyro: Have a Happy Halloween everyone! C:
Light: You too!

Image of the Week

Words from the blue blur himself about the diversification of games in the modern Sonic era.
Fourth Issue - October 16, 2013 Sonic_5f73f9_1569838
Credit to Funnyjunk user Shadowdude.

RP Tip of the Week

"It helps to know your character well. By developing your character, it will become much more easy to roleplay them under any circumstance. And sometimes, you will have to have your character start an interaction. You can't single them out and hope people notice you, it just doesn't work that way."
- Hyro

Letters to the Editor

What does "Nuntiantes in nova nuntia referens, singulis hebdomadis!" mean?

- Anonymous

I guess it was inevitable that someone should ask.  This is Latin, an amazing ancient tongue that, with Greek, accounts for most of the English language.  Translated, the newspaper's subtitle is fairly plain - "Reporting the new news, every week!"  But hey, when you keep in mind the principle of altum videtur (things said in Latin appear profound), it makes the subtitle fairly impressive.

- Jaye

Feel free to contact the editor, whose information can be found at the bottom of the sheet.  Post here, or send a message in if you prefer to remain anonymous.


This section notes any users who have recently entered and written introduction threads within the past week.
Unfortunately, right now there aren't any.  Be sure to spread the word about SRN!
In conjunction with this section, a birthday-celebration section will open next issue.

Have ideas for the RP tip or the weekly picture, or an anonymous letter?  Send the editor a message!
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