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Main Information.
Name: Intelligent Robotnik Information System
Alias: Iris
Gender: Female
Species: Cat Android
Age: Less than a year (Appears 13)
D.O.B: January 17, 2013
Place of Birth: Home of Nebula Celestial
Current Residence: Home of Nebula Celestial
Height: 3'1"
*Food: Pizza (Since Linda can eat, she should also be able to eat.)
*Beverage: Chaos Cola
*Other: Michael Jackson, Super Mario World, The Zeta Project
*Food: Anything overly bitter or spicy
*Beverage: Ginger Ale, Diet Chaos Cola
*Other: Mistreatment of sentient machines, Dr. Eggman (since he mistreats sentient machines, and also because he's a notorious terrorist who causes a lot of death and destruction)
(insert image)or
Eye Color: Blue
Fur/Hair Color: Red (with white on the muzzle and tail tip)
Fur details: Short and plush
Body Build: Average
Clothing: White blouse, blue skirt, white socks, and blue shoes
Accessories: Blue bandanna tied around her neck
Perks: Very knowledgeable about Eggman technology and always willing to learn more, Kind-hearted and friendly, helpful
Flaws: Cannot fight, can be hacked when linked to Eggman's data network, naive (She's young and always wants to see the best in people.)
Social Status:
Relationship Status: Single
Family Relations: Nebula Celestial (Father/Creator), Stardust (Cousin), Linda (Sister)
Friendships: Linda, XM-01
Rivalries: None (She doesn't get out all that much.)
Enemies: Dr. Eggman
Team Relations: She's not an official member of Team Rebel, but acts as a support.
Skills and Professions
Weapon(s) of Choice: She doesn't fight, so she doesn't carry weapons.
Armor: None
Physical Abilities: Moderate running speed (She wasn't really built for battle, so her abilities are pretty limited.)
Mental Abilities: Extensive knowledge of Eggman technology, hacking skills (to allow her to access Eggman's data network)
Elemental Abilities: None
Class Name: Intelligence
Other: Decent retro gamer
Strengths: Knowledge of Eggman tech
Weaknesses: No weapons or combat abilities, can be hacked/controlled/infected with viruses by someone with enough skill
Sanity: Sane
Personality Overview
*Family: Kind, Helpful, Supportive
*Friends: Kind, Cheerful
*Rivals: Would probably be fair and friendly
*Enemies: Fearful
*Team Members: Kind, Cheerful, Friendly
*Firey: She could overheat and quite possibly melt.
*Wet: She's waterproof unless her fur and protective coating is damaged.
*Desert: Any liquid she drinks goes into a reservoir used to cool her systems.  She could overheat in environments with little water.
*Mountainous Terrain: She's modeled after a cat, so she can climb fairly well.
*Boats: No negative effects
*Vehicles: No negative effects
*Cityscapes: She'd probably enjoy the city if she got to visit it more often.
*Crowds: A very large crowd MIGHT make her nervous, but she's generally outgoing.
Theme Song(s):
Clothing Theme: Innocent and girly
Attitude: Sweet

Iris was created by Nebula Celestial to be her personal Eggman tech database.  Upon creation, she was fed all the info her creator had on Eggman's tech at the time.  She was also given the ability to connect wirelessly to Eggman's data network to gain info on newer projects.  Beyond that, she was designed to be as lifelike as possible and was given the ability to develop emotions and a personality the way Mobians and humans do.  She was also given a power supply that uses normal food as fuel and a cooling system that uses drinks.  These help add to her realism.  She even has a sense of taste to allow her to develop preferences for specific foods and drinks.

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Post by MisterEightySix on Thu Sep 26, 2013 2:51 am

Just a couple of pieces of info for you:

-Nebula is female. I'm male, but I use a lot of female characters because I see a general shortage of them. It's a lot easier than people think. =P
-You accidentally left Iris's working name, Dextetta, at the bottom paragraph. May want to correct that.
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