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Post by Thom Maverick on Sat Sep 21, 2013 3:58 am

Forge the Hedgehog Rocket22

Info (Main):

Name: Thom Maverick
Nickname(s): Forge (Also known as Havoc by the Covenant)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog (Astralite)
Status: Active
Military Status (Mobian Federation and UNSC): M.I.A.
Date of Birth: December 25, 2537 A.V.
Place of Birth: Bellforest, Erusea, Astral
Current Residence: Classified


Fur Color: Brown
Eye Color: Sky Blue (Cyan once he activates his MJOLNIR M-1 Temp-Ro Type Zero Armor)
Weight: 81 lbs
Height: 3'8" 
Clothing: White jacket with Red colored sleeves. He wears a pair of gloves with metal plating positioned at the back of the hands. He also wears a Red and White colored sneakers. Later on,(After joining the Spartan Program) a Temp-Ro Type M-1 Nano-composite shoes (Can show unlimited flight capability once activated). 

             He is a caring person and likes to help other people but on the other hand he usually loves to do what he usually likes to do: Rocketboarding, which always put his life at risk. Most of the people on the Eastern Valley always think of him as an Idiot for putting his life at risk constantly, Especially when he goes out to the Erusean Crater (more commonly known as "The Outyard") with his Rocketboard doing "Stupid" stunts. But all those changed when the Covenant glassed his home planet. After joining the Spartan Program he had a change of heart, he is much more Aggressive (rivals and enemies alike) and is more concerned about the Mobians survival during the war. But one personality never changed during his lifetime, Even after joining the program he was still the shyest Astralite to have ever graduated from the Spartan Program.

With Family - At a young age he was usually a very obidient kid. But after what happened to his brother, he was more rebellious towards his parents. Thom usually likes to live in his grandfathers house, since it's just a 12 minute trip to the crater with a use of a motorbike, and also to get away from his parents for a while. But after the Covenant destroyed his planet he was reminded of how important they we're. As an act of redemption he decided to join the Spartan Program. And so the start of his personal vendetta against the ones that killed his parents.

With Friends - He is generally friendly to anyone. But a single act of hostilization can turn a friendship into rivalry. 

With Strangers - Shyness, (Cue Eureka Seven AO OST #8 - Noah Noah)sadly, leaves Thom in a situation where silence is his usual response to anyone new to him or anyone who tries to strike up a conversation with him. Others think of him as being rude for this kind of behavior. But as what his commanding officers say "He'll grow on you, and you'll grow on him too".

With Rivals - Can be really aggressive especially if that rival is also a Spartan. His aggressive behavior tends to worsen if the hostilities between the two remains the same. Working together actually reduces the rivalry between the two.

With Enemies - He is ruthless with his enemies especially to the ones that killed his parents, friends, and the ones that destroyed his homeplanet. Aggressiveness may differ on the rank of the enemy. Thom pays little attention to his rivals once the Covenant is involved in the fight. High-ranking Covenant officers are his primary targets.

In Environments:

Firey: Ironically, Thom feels uncomfortable when he's in an environment where fires are common. Fire reminds of him of his tragic past back when he was ten years-old. Especially when he's assigned to liberate and reclaim a planet that was destroyed by the Covenant. You could say that he's prone to Battle fatigue every time he's in a situation that is related or based on fire. 








Likes: Rocketboarding, Videogames (FPS and Flight Sim Based), Giant Mechs, Anime...?
Dislikes: Being stuck at his house doing nothing

Social Status:


Father - Aaron Maverick (Deceased)
Mother - Diana Maverick (Deceased)
(Older)Brother - Mason Maverick 
Current Status: K.I.A. (Cue Ace Combat 5 OST "Into the Dusk")
(He worked as a military researcher and also the captain of the Chaser-class Cruiser "Triton". He was also one of the most trusted Mobians, or should I say Astralite, working for the Kingdom of Acorn. His death was the cause of a Colossus that attacked his dropship when it was about to place a terraforming device on Mobius, Mason with no other choice, used the terraformer as a make-shift bomb to save the remaining members of his expedition team. Mason's dropship collided the Colossus head-on, killing the Colossus and Mason in the process. The Mobian Federation consider him as a war hero but his father thinks of him as a fool for joining the military in the first place and even saying it to Thom that this is what happens if someone thinks that he can change the world and "pretends" to be a hero)
Grandfather - Archibald Maverick (Deceased)

Friends: Classified. Spartans are not allowed to show in public. Some people know Thom but he keeps it classified to keep them safe.

Rivals: Classified. Might leak information to any enemies who might try to kill Thom.

Enemies: Classified. Might leak information to any rivals who might try to get some payback.



Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle or an M-5 Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Two Beam pistols also known as "Beamers" (Mobian Federation Standard Issue Secondary Weapon)
Melee Weapon: Knife
Throwing Weapons: None. Thom only picks up plasma grenades from Covenant supply crates.

Abilities (Physical): 

•Lightning-speed Reflexes (Also known as Spartan Time) - Thom, like the rest of the spartans. Can (literally) dodge a bullet or even a plasma cannon at point-blank range. His reaction time is 300 times faster than normal Mobian and Human soldiers.

Abilities (Forms):

• Chaos Hunter Form Forge the Hedgehog Reclai10
(also known as the Flames of Retribution by the Mobians)- It is the "Super state/form" of an Astralite like Thom when he is either exposed with huge amounts of Chaos Energy or coming into contact with an actual Chaos Emerald. Even though it is a natural defense mechanism against Chaos Monsters, Thom can use it only for a short time. 

Abilities (Mental): 
                           Thom is not really the smartest person you'll ever know. But his persistence added with a bit of combat experience, and hightened psychological awareness of his surroundings gives him an edge in the middle of a battle.

Abilities (Elemental):

• Chronokinesis - Thom can manipulate time around him to move forward, backward, faster, or slower. The duration of usage of manipulating time can only last up to 10 to 20 minutes. If the time manipulated is beyond the limit, the energy that he used up will consequently bounce back to him and will result in seriously injuring or even killing Thom in the process.


Resourcefulness - During his training he was usually put into situations and drills that pushed his abilities to the very limits. And during that time he survived the ordeal by using everything that he see's, and what he think, can be useful in the middle of a battle. Heck, he'll even use a stick as a weapon for a close-quarter battle.


Stubborness - Doesn't really listen to his commanding officers. He usually do what he think is right. Especially when he see's someone in trouble. (No. of times he's been sent to the brig for Insubordination: 15)

Sea-sickness - Being on a Space-"Ship", he can handle. But being in an ocean based ship (as what Thom describes it) is like being brought to hell. He'll (literally) start puking at the side of the ship even before it starts sailing across the ocean.

Strengths: TBD

Weaknesses: TBD


Astral - The first planet ever colonized by the Mobians. This is Thom's homeplanet and also the planet where the Astralites first appeared. The planet had the unfortunate distinction of being the first Mobian planet discovered and destroyed by the Covenant.

Astralites - Astralites are what the Mobians consider as the "Colossus Killers". Astralites are Mobians that evolved around 20,000 years ago. They are taller than their Mobian counter-parts and have a complex immune system against Chaos Particle Exposure, They also have almost similar abilities to that of an Ultimate Lifeform and are said to be capable of killing a "Chaos Monster")

Chaos Monsters - (Also known as "Colossus") Are actually Mobians who turned into creatures similar to that of Chaos or Perfect Chaos after being exposed to high concentrations of Chaos Particles.

Chaos Particles - Chaos Particles are airborne micro-organisms that we're exposed with Chaos Energy from a failed experiment on tapping the Chaos Emeralds power during the time right before the "Voyage" event. It spreaded like a virus and infected 90% of the population until the Mobians decided to abandon their homeworld. This resulted in colonizing the three planets (Astral, Kanan, and New Mobius) that the Mobians are now currently settling on for over 100,000 years.

Chaos Particle Exposure - Chaos Particle Exposure is a type of disease that turns normal Mobians into these so called "Chaos Monsters" or commonly reffered to as "Colossus".

Bellforest - Thom's hometown.

Erusean Crater "The Outyard" - A certain location in Erusea(Thom's home country). Also a popular Rocketboarding hotspot on the planet. The crater was the result of a meteor that hit the western part of Erusea about 70 years before Astral was glassed. 

Kanan - The third planet that was colonized by the Mobians.

MJOLNIR Mark-1 Temp-Ro Type Zero Armor/ G-0(Genesis Type-0) - A precursor to the Mark-3 Temp-Ro armor that every Mobian Spartans are currently using but just like the Mark-1 it needs a Temp-Ro Shoulder Pad to be activated properly. Supposed to be a copy of the Forerunner Combat Skin and probably the only known Temp-Ro armor with a Flight Mode that is optional to use a Rocketboard with.
 Forge the Hedgehog Armor-11

New Mobius - The second planet that was colonized by the Mobians. It was also the staging area for the final battle between the Mobians and the Covenant just right before the Battle of Earth.

Rocketboards - A surf-board like device that uses a compact Fusion-Drive as it's propulsion system that (Literally) besides making a rocketboard hover, it is also capable of reaching speeds up to mach two. The engine even brings it up to heights that we're even thought to be impossible. One example of this device is Thom's rocketboard called "Fuego Verde"
Forge the Hedgehog 110
[This was an image taken during the re-terraformation of Astral.]
created by a company known as "Rai-Der", and his brothers custom rocketboard called the "Stratoscraper".

Spartans - Are cybernetically and genetically enhanced supersoldiers who specializes in killing Terrorist forces and are even said to be a match against the Covenant (Mobians on the other hand are only enhanced using a device called the Temp-Ro Pad). 

Temp-Ro Shoulder Pad - Stands for Temporary Roboticization Shoulder Pad (Well, you already know what "Roboticization" means. But without the effects of being controlled by a global tyrant, that is). It is mostly used by the Mobian and Astralitian members of the Spartan Program. Even though the Mobian Federation reverse-engineered the Roboticizer, the Humans we're credited for re-creating the device.

The Covenant - A genocidal alien alliance that threatens to wipe out the Human and Mobian race from the Universe.

MFS Triton - A Chaser-class Cruiser that was formely captained by Thom's older brother, Mason. And is now currently out of commission.


Main Theme(s): 
• Bivatchee - Taiyou no Mannaka he (To the Center of the Sun). (Also an Insert Song when Thom turns into a Chaos Hunter.)

Clothing Theme(s):

• Beat Crusaders - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight(Bleach Opening Song #4). Nothing more fitting than this music played simultaneously when Thom zips his jacket, puts on his shoes, stretches his gloves a little bit, and goes out of his grandfathers garage after doing all the work and going out towards the crater with his motorbike and his rocketboard. (And if you're wondering... Yes, Thom's grandfather is a mechanic. His grandfather works at the garage fixing stuff most of the time while Thom works on making his rocketboard perform alot better or just doing the usual chores)

Battle Theme(s): 

• Eureka Seven AO OST #21 - OP Signal "ALERT" 
• Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 OST - Solaris Phase 2
• Ace Combat Zero OST - Zero

Defeat Theme:

• Ace Combat Zero OST - Game Over

Victory Theme:

• Sonic Unleashed OST - Boss Stage Clear

Insert Song(s):

• Puddle of Mud - Blurry
• Hemenway - Escape
• Cash Cash - Reach for the Stars
• Supercar - Storywriter


• (In a state of Desperation) Eureka Seven AO OST #29  - OP Signal "LIVE" 
• (When Angry) Fairy Tail - Realeased Power
• (When Sad) Ace Combat 5 OST #33 - Into The Dusk
• (When experiencing pride welling up inside him as he keeps to maintain a straight face) Ace Combat 5 OST #31 - Free Flight
• (Waking up really early in the morning, stalking somebody or just acting weird) Eureka Seven AO OST #8 - Noah Noah


                        October 21, 2552, 21 hours after the battle for Earth started. Thom was assigned to check an unknown structure in an old O.N.I. base. Just as he was about to get to his rendezvous point near the structure. He spotted few enemy movements in his motion tracker. He didn't realize that the Deep-Space Artifact is messing up his motion tracker with it's EMP burst. Thom instinctively ran towards the structure not knowing that the teleporters stabilizers are about to give in due to the EMP burst. As he arrives at the structure, he slowly walked towards the teleporter with his rifle pointing at every possible positions, he think, the Covenant are hiding at. Just as he was about to realize that the whole area was clear, the teleporter's stabilizers exploded and the activated all by itself sending Thom to Mobius a hundred-thousand years to the past.
 //Since this Biography is a work in progress. Some of the things are still not yet filled in.

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"The stars are the only things that makes me feel better when I'm sad... Every time I look up at the night sky, every time I see those stars up there... It makes me feel that I belong somewhere up there. And now I finally know why...

Because somewhere up there is a planet that was once our home."
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