Help to plot for a story

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Help to plot for a story

Post by mach6omega on Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:05 am

This is for a solely a stand alone, multiple paragraph story, where I am just writing a story about this whole made up ordeal and cast of characters like Zane and Aegis. I am making a story randomly BECAUSE I CAN!!! I am making a cast of characters and if you want be involved in most of the story line okay... then I need to make a larger scale plan and you should probably tell my about you appear in story and how get involved in this. No problem until, I freak out.

You can be there and I don't why am saying this or why you'd want to. Plus, you don't really have to be there because, you could just plug yourself & your characters in in story. OR, I'll make a "filler with ____", where we can roleplay within the story and if someone goes afk....  that is why I chose to write it under filler. Either way, even if you go afk, you could just come back later for me to notice it and respond again. So yeah....

I will update the Bios for my cast of characters, as the story goes on and I will fix theses bio as I can- "yada yada yada and blah blah..." says Omega as he throws away the script that he was just reading and he then plays music inserted here-

I need a few things though

1 A name for an Remote Island and a name organization that basically used to have dark background and secretly still does having a a bunch captives doing dangerous test and challenges and you can see where this is going, if you have read the character sheets that I made, you can probably put two and two together.

2 As for the plot, I'll try to keep the story part to myself entirely. I'll start making characters for story and putting stars symbols or something to show they are for the story. I plan to make and it doesn't even have a name yet.
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