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First Issue - September 18, 2013 Empty First Issue - September 18, 2013

Post by Quiet Light on Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:01 pm

Station Square Times
Nuntiantes in nova nuntia referens, singulis hebdomadis!
10 Rings
Issue 1, Vol. 1

Administration Urges RP Activity

This past week, the topic of forum roleplays arose - or, rather, the lack of them.  Concerns were raised by administrator Burning-Fox about the general membership's recent focus on chatbox roleplays rather than using the forum for slower but arguably more stable stories.  He spoke about a loss of activity from the lack of long-term participation and asked the forum to do better in the future, while working on ideas to jumpstart activity in the forum.  Expect to see updates as any plans progress.

Newspaper Reestablished in City Ruins

Among ideas to help get the city of Station Square up and running again, recently a newspaper office was bought and furnished by a silver kitsune.  He has begun writing and distributing a newspaper in order to, according to him, help stimulate the city's rebuilding.  He is currently looking for news, ideas, and employees for the Station Square Times.  He says it apparently ties into something above a 'fourth wall' and so has been done before and is important and interesting in an unusual way.  His address, if you're interested, can be found at the bottom of this issue.  The new newspaper is coming to a place near you!

Interview with uncanny-illustrator
Interview by SST Editor Quiet Light

Quiet Light: Greetings, readers. This is Quiet Light, coming to you from the Station Square Times, and today our interviewee is long-time SRN member and renowned artist, Uncanny-Illustrator.
Light: How are you today, Uncanny?
Uncanny-Illustrator: I am alive if that counts in the overall scheme of things.
Light: I hope so. Wouldn't be much of an interview if you weren't.
Uncanny: Unless I was an undead then it would work as well.
Light: It could, depending on your mental stability.
Uncanny: Which is a fully diffrent topic but regardless.
Light: Yes. So, first, about you. As your name would show, you're an artist, and a fairly active one at that. Any particular reason you call yourself 'uncanny'?
Uncanny: That tale actually goes back to another fandom. Usernames/screennames in that fandom tend to made up out of two words. And so in search for a username I ended up using a random generator which ended with uncannyIllustrator. It fit, I liked it, so I ended up keeping it all over the net.
Light: Glad to hear that it worked. May I assume that art is a passion of yours, or at least something you really enjoy creating?
Uncanny: It is yes. Only really started drawing actively when I was...10 I believe? I got praised and enjoyed it so much. Over time it allowed me to create my own worlds and characters, a way for me to express myself through visual means.
Light: Just to be on the safe side, I want to ask - you have no plans of stopping, right?
Uncanny: Not any time soon no. I tend to go quite mental if I am not able to draw so it's basically both a life need for me to be able to as well as an addiction to do so.
Light: Okay. Well, with that assurance, I'd like to ask briefly about the newspaper. You're reserving your judgement until it comes out, correct?
Uncanny: That is true. Mostly out of experience with old sites and their newspapers. Lets keep it to the fact that a large chunk of the member base and their activities were not included. Only the closer friends of the one doing it were included as well as their plots and characters while the rest just kinda fell away.
Light: Very well. I respect your hesitance. Is there anything you think the forum and its membership could do better?
Uncanny: You want the honest opinion or the non hurting one?
Light: You may give either. Since we're on the record I only ask that you don't use the names of others or start swearing.
Uncanny: I personally think the whole, ME and only ME behaviour needs to stop. Just look at the cbox or many other RPs and see how often only one person is the center of attention or starts spamming till they get the attention. This is something that really bugs me because we at the forum are supposed to be a community and everybody should be given equal attention.
Light: Thanks for your thoughts. We're just about done. Any last thoughts you want to share with the readers before we close?
Uncanny: Not much else I have to add to whatever has been said. All that is left is your typical, don't do drugs and stay in school.
Light: Sound advice. Thanks for your time!
Uncanny: And thank you for giving me this time.

Image of the Week

Shadow's true purpose in life is finally revealed, after all those endings in his game.
First Issue - September 18, 2013 Shadow_finds_his_true_purpose_by_Beau_Skunk
Credit to DA artist Beau-Skunk.

RP Tip of the Week

"If you RP on the cBox, try to involve everybody and don't make it your own story time."
- uncanny-illustrator

Letters to the Editor
Since it's the first week, there are no letters yet.  But if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, address them in the responses to this issue and they may appear in a future issue!

Have ideas for the RP tip or the weekly picture, or an anonymous letter?  Send the editor a message!
Quiet Light
Quiet Light
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First Issue - September 18, 2013 Empty Re: First Issue - September 18, 2013

Post by Sol on Wed Sep 18, 2013 11:45 pm

Jaye. Where's the funny quote of the week? Your newspaper is empty without it....

"We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too."-John F. Kennedy
Used to be a lot cooler when we actually did stuff and didn't just care about how much money we make.

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