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Soturi the Mutated Lion Empty Soturi the Mutated Lion

Post by Ditto on Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:06 pm

Name: Soturi
Race: Lion/Dragon
Color: Gold. The Dragon Parts are blue.
Powers: Breathes Fire, Chameleon Like Camouflage
Family: All of her family is dead except her very young brother. She takes care of Venator and loves him very much.
Weakness(es): Water, -15 temperatures, Sharks
Description: When Soturi wandered out as a growing cub one day, she came across a human populated ground. She wanted to play, being a baby. She saw a hole through the fence and climbed under it. When she thought she was to be spotted, she hid behind barrels. She was almost spotted and she jumped behind a barrel a bit too friskily. The green toxin spilled all over her tail, back and muzzle. She mewed and a blue already mutated lizard (Long Story) with spines and wings and big teeth slipped into the cub. She batted it away and ran home. When she was sleeping, her backaches began. She woke in the morning, her spin protruding a bit more than it was the day before. Her canines and her tail had gotten longer too. She figured it was a part of growing up. After a few more weeks passed, blue spines grew out of her back. She became worried. She didn't want to be a monster! She was sure she didn't want her sibling to have a monster sister either. She wore a cloak. Her father became agitated but her mother assured him that it was a phase. Just after Venator was born and he could walk, their parent's were killed by hunters. Soturi took off the cloak and hadn't realized that blue wings, spines, and a long lizard tail with a tuft of lion hair at the end had grown. She lived her life, discovering two epic powers. They moved and stayed away from the place. Forever.

(What's this for?) Powers: Teleportation. Mind control and communication with animals. can conjure slight (Not like cars and pools and stuff like that) from thin air and can put them back again. cheers
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