The Adventures of Thunder the Hedgehog

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The Adventures of Thunder the Hedgehog

Post by Spynmaster on Sat Sep 07, 2013 6:12 am

This plot idea involves my character discovering the world he's been thrown in, which is Mobius. Thunder's gathered all kinds of info about things from cyberspace, but he has no idea now to interact with people, especially girls. So who better to guide him through the social part of life but a girl? Of course, it shouldn't be easy. Thunder may be clueless about people, but he's not afraid to defend what he believes is right, and he is packing voltage. Electrokinesis will do that for you. Of course, anyone carrying their own weapons will seem intimidating as well.

I'd really like a female OC to take the role of the guide/romantic interest, but I'd also like a specific canon to take the role, such as either Amy Rose(want!) or Sally Acorn.

It really gets interesting when Eggman finds a connection between Thunder & his origins.

Discussion about what else goes on and other peoples involved is on the table for the moment.

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