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Mr. Drake (the wolf) Empty Mr. Drake (the wolf)

Post by wondrer on Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:37 pm


Species : Wolf.
Power : None.

Apperance : grey wolf with short fur, blue eyes, black shirt and jeans with white shoes, body type : athletic and skinny.

Equipament : black revolver and a red swiss army knife, along with a grappling hook.

Alignment : Pure Neutral. (for now, at least.)

Personality : calm person, pretty cautious and very observant, doesn't like violence, he likes using persuasion and trickery to get what he wants.

Age : 23.

Likes : Reading books, Money, Luxury, peace, light music.

History : Drake is a citizen from Mobius. He was raised by a poor family and spent much of his early years stealing from people, begging and sweeping streets, but he wasn't dumb. Drake was always reading books and analyzing the world around him. His childhood hero was Sherlock Holmes. Drake never went to school, because his parents were poor, but that didn't really bother him. He was also pretty creative. The very early version of his grappling hook was made out of a harpoon shooter, a hook and a rope he took from a fisherman. At the age of 14 his mother died of old age, and two years later his dad died too, leaving him his revolver what Drake never really liked. But he still kept it just in case. At the age of 18, he decided to drop the beggar life and try to actually become someone important with an easy life.

PS : tell me if the name is sounding too stupid.

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