YO YO!!! New guy's redone intro!

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YO YO!!! New guy's redone intro! Empty YO YO!!! New guy's redone intro!

Post by mach6omega on Sat Jul 27, 2013 7:11 am

 YO YO! I'm new to this forum and rewriting this because, the last one was BORINGLY EDIT TO BASICALLY NOTHING!!! I put a random rp sample in it about me applying for a job at S.R.N and it was the most awkward felt moment in my entire forum life but, I got over feeling mushy about my intro and I removed cause you don't RP until you get your RP Driver's licenses. Oh god! That paperwork. I just wanted redo it to say

WHAZZUP!!!! And yes I probably did waste a minute of ya time. Sorry if you dislike this topic and WHATEVER CYA! 

I forgot the title WOOPS
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