Hello, I'm Boom!

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Hello, I'm Boom! Empty Hello, I'm Boom!

Post by boombam924 on Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:45 am

No special howdy doo's, just a hello to the forums. My name is boom, i'm a bit new to the whole sonic rp nation as you can see, i like Pm rp's and rp in general, but my character itself is bound to give you the creeps, no matter the situation. I will explain later if you wish to hear, i'd rather discuss it over PM's due to the horrifying appearance he is given.
Anywho, Howdy doo!

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Hello, I'm Boom! Empty Re: Hello, I'm Boom!

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:38 am

hello! welcome to the fourm! my Name is Dark, and i love roleplaying (as i think everyone else here does, lol) so i think you will get along with everyone just fine! 

by the way, you should come down to the chatbox! there are a lot of roleplays there as well.

anyway, thats all from me! enjoy your stay at sonic roleplay nation. c:


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Hello, I'm Boom! Empty Re: Hello, I'm Boom!

Post by ShadlineTheWolf on Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:00 pm

Well hello there!

Welcome to the site! I'm Shadline [pronounced shad LEEN] or known as Nova on other sites. But to make it easier for you, just call me Shad ^^

I suggest being careful around here. We have interesting members. Don't let them scare you away too quickly! But I hope you eventually settle in to our weirdness. By the way, I will rule this site one day...

Enjoy your stay!


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In the smiles we cast each other,
My sister, my brother

About the time we gave up hoping,
We'd ever find these locks still open,
The hurt we feel, we all have earned

The lines we cross in search of change,
But all they see is treason

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Hello, I'm Boom! Empty Re: Hello, I'm Boom!

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