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A big note about my characters: I'd very much prefer that you not post here. ^^ Each post I plan to have a character. If you'd like to suggest I change something or want to critique any of them please feel free to PM me. I will appreciate it.
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Blythe "Emotion" Cimo
Nicknames: Prefers to be called Emotion for whatever reason. She makes pushing her buttons way too easy, doesn't she?

Species: Common Cat (Exact Unknown)

Age: 18
DOB: Day 291, 3219
Birth Place: Assumed Mobotropolis.

Current Residence: A small plot of land deep within the Great Forest. A little make-shift hut is there, made of scrap-metal, vegetation, and debris. The surrounding trees are scraggly and scratchy, scarred and almost skeletal. The moss and grass has recently started to grow back through the muddy ash on the forest floor around it all. A pond sits a few paces away from the hut's left side. Growth around there does not seem to be stunted.. The grey transitions to sweet and lulling greens in almost a gradient effect. Just outside of the hut's entrance is a stack of dry tree limbs and simple firestarters.
Tour Inside the Hut: A mass pile of slightly clean blankets and fluff-stuff sits in the driest corner, which is conveniently made a blind-spot as parts of the hut and added junk seclude its view from the doorway. An empty, worn, medium-sized tin tub is placed in another corner, with two wooden buckets at its side. One might take note that one of the two buckets is filled with dark stains, while the opposite remains clean.

Social Status: Formerly outcast, now almost intentionally invisible.

Abilities: Though she wouldn't reveal it to just anyone anymore, as she once did in her younger years, she has claimed to have special contact with the deceased. In addition to this, though it may or may not be related, she is sometimes known for odd and eerie behavior. A notable and frequent example of this would be times that she sits silently, unflinching, with either a blank or held expression.
Skills: She is good at being quiet and still, and has experience with sneaking. She is also an exceptional fisher.. Despite often not having a pole to fish with!

Weapons: Though she doesn't carry any with her, her broken shackles could be used for smacking purposes. Her claws, which are kept untrimmed, could also prove to be potentially dangerous.

Strengths: Due to keeping much of herself hidden, she is good at withholding information. Not having close relationships has harshly taught her independence, and she'd rather not be a burden to those who might come around her.

Weaknesses: But.. Not having close relationships has left her pretty socially vulnerable. She is uncomfortable when confronted with extremities of emotion, slightly easy to annoy conversationally, all completed with a dash of paranoia!

Personality: To most, Emotion's demeanor is highly uninviting. She is quiet and the air about her is often somber and sullen. She tends to purposely place distance between herself and others and she is prone to go off by herself, leaving many to believe that she fancies being alone. In reality, most of her coldness is a protective ruse used to hide what she considers is a weakness.

Strangers: She is probably not going to warm up to you quickly. At best, she may agree to work with you in order to safeguard her interests, whether for herself or for those she considers herself close to.
Friends: There are times that she caves into her warmer side, but it is something she tends to try and avoid. Perhaps you will find that she values you, but secretly.
Family: Family is something that Emotion once highly cherished. In a way, she still does. If she gets extremely attached to you, look out for sloppily dulled tokens of affection and hints that she would like to be around you more.
Rivals: If she doesn't approve of you, then I'd imagine that she would be that much more bitter towards you. However, Emotion feels that thoughtless competition is wasted time. She'd much rather avoid it, unless it was to prove some important point.
Enemies: If you are a threat to her or something she holds dear, you can expect that she is going to plot against you.. For however long as she thinks she needs. She may even fear you a little, depending on the danger you pose.

Quiet, peace, scenery, comfortableness, sharing moments or memories in her own way, listening.

Dislikes: Frilly-ness, hugs, being touched in general, big crowds, being put on any sort of social spot.

Background: Born in the Great forest and soon after relocated to Mobotropolis before the Great War, Emotion was exposed to depravity at a very early age. At three, her family lost their home when Mobotropolis took heavy fire from Overlander forces. The Cimos lived in a shelter for the remainder of their time in the city. Before the war ended, Emotion experienced being raised as a pariah by her peers.. due to her unnerving episodes and later claims that she could speak with the dead. When the war finally ended, her family's hopes were smashed when Robotnik abruptly took over. She and her family were captured and randomly amassed in several small make-shift prisoner facilities, as they awaited to be robotocized. The Original Freedom Fighters had fortunately began taking strikes against the oppression, and were able to free a whole facility, which had luckily been hers. She was taken by strangers to Knothole, though she was reluctant to leave without knowing if her family had escaped with her or not. She would spend some time in Knothole, living with the other children, but would sneak out one night and never return. What drove her away is unknown, but now she makes trips into friendly settlements.. often leaving behind confused and disarrayed shop-keepers.. And sometimes getting caught!

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Alethea RF12
Nicknames: "Subject RF12"

Species: Red Fox

Age: 14

DOB: Day 54, 3223
Birth Place: Unknown.

Current Residence: Lives with a mysterious, unnaturally mutated Overlander.. The two are constantly looking for different places to stay.. Often not for too long.
Sometimes will mention previous residences.

Social Status: She feels like she doesn't fit in with most crowds, but likes to stay somewhat friendly with those she comes in contact with. She uses Shady as a sort of shield when it comes to encounters.

Abilities: Alethea is a pretty average Mobian, if not below. The only upper-hand she could ever really have in a dire situation would be her bottled up frustrations, which almost always boil to the surface when she experiences enough anxiety, fear, or pressure. All forethought suddenly becomes void as she lets her impulses take her. After calming down a bit, it should be noticed that she seems to be extremely fragile.
Skills: An uncanny people-pleaser. She wants to make people happy more than she does herself, it would seem.. She'll go out of her way to try to make others comfortable or do work that she thinks they might want done.

Weapons: A weapon? What need do you have for one of those when a scary, mutant guardian friend is always following you around?

Strengths: Her strength must lie in her influence, or there really isn't much to put here.

Weaknesses: Her weaknesses heavily outweigh her strengths. Alethea has a few emotional problems. She's laden with anxiety and has a hard time coping with it, along with a lot of things she has to face in the new world she's been brought into. She has a guilt complex, but often tries to fight it due to Shady's suggestions and concern for her.

Personality: Overly shy, apologetic, fidgety, and emotional. She's a bit awkward to be around if it's your first encounter. She is very open and transparent when it comes to her feelings, and sees no need to hide them initially.. When told that something about her behavior (or even herself) worries someone, she takes extra care to change things when she's around them. She cares for other people even though sometimes she can honestly resent them. She holds onto people that she likes and can relate with to the point that it can almost be eerie.

Strangers: Edgy and most likely uncomfortable, but most definitely not intentionally rude or mean.
Family: If she were to ever come in contact with actual family, she wouldn't know them. Alethea, however, has developed strong bonds with subjects besides herself, namely someone called Dae.
Rivals: She's going to try and be your friend.. Because she's just that way.
Enemies: The last thing she could ever want. She is going to probably run and hide from you.

Laughing, dancing, expressing herself openly, learning, exploring, safety.

Dislikes: Repression, breakdowns, remembering past mistakes and not being able to forget them, seeing someone sad/sick/injured/upset, and not being able to confront problems head-on.

Background: Alethea was one of the many children abducted by Overlander scientists during the waning days of the Great War. These scientists' goals had been to study the Mobian structure in hopes of turning the tides of the struggle and, in the process, gaining fame. The research was unprofessionally organized in branches of different study focusing on anatomy, and within each branch would be a set number of individual subjects. She fell under the brain branch, and was labeled "RF12," which had been a special acronym for Reactional Frequency Twelve. She lead an extremely sheltered life under the thumb of doctors who sometimes poked and prodded at her brain after heavily sedating her. She was lucky enough to be kept alive, but even luckier that one of the lead scientists had taken enough genuine interest into the research to attempt and teach her basic things. It wasn't too long down the line that the War was coming to an inevitable and perceivable end. Some scientists stubbornly focused upon their work, some gave up, and some went mad. It seemed to some that the work would persist until the whole operation ultimately destroyed itself. However, before anything could happen, a mysterious and odd-looking Overlander put an end to all of it, breaking into the lab and attempting free the remaining Mobians. Alethea, who was in the mutant's path at the time, escaped with him into the Swamps.

From there, the two have been traveling from place to place and heavily rely on each other to stay strong.


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