:.Art of Depth, and Death.:

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:.Art of Depth, and Death.:

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:55 pm


I've been drawing since....I was born? Um...I may take requests, maybe. But you'd have to give me information, and all that good jazz.

But, yeah, once I get my 3ds, I'll get Colors 3D, and y'know. Make art. I'll draw on paper, too, but it probably take longer. Maybe. I'm so boss at drawing, though. [I just lied.]

So, yep.

I know that I've promised people that I'd get to work, but it would be nice if you'd post a reference and background information. It helps me create an image in my head. [Yeah, I'm weird like that.]




Color[That represents them]:

Reference[Clothes, hair, body, etc.]:


Okay! Now, we're good. :P


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