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Ohai. Remember me? Empty Ohai. Remember me?

Post by MisterEightySix on Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:13 pm

Since I'm in university, I occasionally get too caught up in things to reply. Then I forgot that inactive accounts get deleted and lost all of my stuff. So to the new peeps if there are any, I'm Mr. 86. I enjoy role-playing very much and take pride in having well-rounded characters, but I can be lazy and absent-minded sometimes, and I suppose I wasn't yet considered "one of the gang" (so to speak) before my attention turned to other things.

My characters are:

Stardust Celestial IV - A Celestial, which is basically an alien somewhat resembling a rabbit. Stardust is a dry-witted deadpan whose personality and abilities must be seen (or read) to believe.

L.I.N.D.A. Mk.III - Logical Intelligence Node and Designated Assistant. Linda is Stardust's sharp-tongued robot assistant (slash nanny), built by his tech-savvy cousin Nebula.

Lafawna Bristol - A faun with just the slightest bit of elf ancestry. Lafawna is a rough-and-tumble adventurer with astonishing survival skills, but very little social skills... or personal hygiene.

Princess Hecate Shadowvale - A Shadowvaler, which is a creature somehow formed from sheer darkness. Hecate is a buxom heiress, kicked out of the castle until she can find something to conquer.

I suppose it's time for round two. I have a difficult time staying tremendously active, considering I'm trying to juggle school, writing scripts, drawing commissions, finishing my sizeable video game collection AND role-playing. Still, I'll do my best.
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Ohai. Remember me? Empty Re: Ohai. Remember me?

Post by Sparknish on Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:34 am

Cool roster 86, Hope you have a good time here and don't leave us. Have fun =D

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